“Abortion Law Signed” versus “Protecting Babies Who Can Feel Pain”

Posted: July 18, 2013 in abortion
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After a contentious fight, a highly restrictive anti-abortion law was passed in Texas and signed by Gov. Rick Perry, a man who happens to be a young-Earth creationist (poisoning the well much?). Most media outlets were posting stories like, “Abortion Foes Succeed in Statehouses” (CNN), “Abortion Restrictions Become Law in Texas, But Opponents Will Press Fight” & “Gov. Perry Signs Sweeping Abortion Restrictions” (New York Times), or “Texas Governor Signs Sweeping Abortion Regulations that Threaten Existence of Most Clinics” (ABC).

Not WND. No, their headline to the article that they linked to (from LifeNews.com, which had a different headline) is: “Perry Signs Law Protecting Babies Who Can Feel Pain.”

Yup, medical pseudoscience wrapped in something emotional without outright stating what it does.

How do the WND commentators – who are usually even more crazy than the article writers – respond? At the time of this posting, there are two. The first states: “Thank God! Don’t want a baby don’t have sex or protect yourself!” Um, sure, I’m sure a woman who’s being raped takes the time to demand her attacker uses a condom otherwise she calls it off. There’s also this gem, brought to you by Christian Love™:

“Thank You Gov. Perry. God is sure to appreciate your many fine efforts also.
God Bless You and the brave, decent, law-abiding, God Loving, Child protecting Legislators that voted with you. God Bless all who Hold innocent life sacred. and May those that advocate for Death either Repent or enjoy their eternal damnation.”


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