GOP No Longer Defending DOMA Means They’ve “Bailed on Defending Marriage”

Posted: July 19, 2013 in homosexuality, legal / law, Republicans / GOP
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Drew Zahn, a WND news editor, published an article today along the lines of a news article I read yesterday that was basically after the House Republicans wasted hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars defending the Defense of Marriage Act, a key portion of which was struck down by the Supreme Court a few weeks ago, they’re going to stop defending it. It was already a losing proposition, now they finally owned up to a bit of reality realizing that.

WND’s headline on this is, “GOP Bails Out on Defending Marriage.”

Let’s talk about the title. It’s been said many, many times, but as this is a new blog, I’ll say it again: If your str8 marriage so fragile that two people of the same gender getting married is going to destroy it? Seriously? Now, maybe for Britney Spears, or Mark Sanford, or Eliot Spitzer, I can understand that. But for normal people? Really?

That over with, the jist of the article is quoting various politicians saying they’re sad about the Supreme Court decision but that this is really an issue for the states. Which it kinda is based on my reading of the US Constitution unless you get into more minutia that is not the subject of this post. In one of the most reality-based statements I’ve heard from Republicans in awhile, the WND article has this:

Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, the No 2. Senate Republican, added, “Like it or not, the Supreme Court is the final word on constitutional matters.”

So what do the leveled, measured commenters on WND have to say of this? What you’d expect given that these folks are NOT Republicans, they are über-ultra-conservatives. As of me posting this, most people are saying in some form or fashion what theSnooze wrote: “Done! The republican party is finished time to replace them.” Or, “And that’s what happens when your leader is someone like John “Noballs” Boehner…” (to which someone replied, “marriage is not a federal issue”). And “Another cave in to Obama. Might as well name him KING.
The R’s are as useless as you know what on a board. GOODBYE”

One or two are talking about religion, with chrissy simply stating “Jesus weeps!” but Sweet reminding chrissy, “Jesus weeps, but God IS keeping score.” I’d remind them that might work for the God of the Old Testament, but that the New one was all about love and compassion and forgiveness, not punishment. Or at least, not quite as much capricious punishment.


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