Satanists Performing Gay Ritual on Westboro Baptist Church Graveyard/site

Posted: July 19, 2013 in homosexuality, religion
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I saw this story twice today, and I rolled my eyes and thought it was funny. Basically, the Westboro Baptist Church is in almost any way imaginable a hate group. They’re the ones who picket soldiers’ funerals because the US doesn’t kill all the gays. They’re the ones behind the “Thank God for Dead Soldiers” signs. And such things. They’re very small (few dozen people) but very loud and they get a lot of media attention.

Enter WND. This being WND, any time the word “gay” is used, it must be in quotes. Because, you know, not putting it in quotes would lend it legitimacy. Or something. So we have the headline: “Satanists Perform ”Gay’ Ritual’ at Gravesite.

The article itself is fine, it’s just quoting from an ABC news article that it then links to. As is typical with WND, it’s the comments that are often “better” than the article.

The comment currently in the lead as most popular is: “Finally a group of queers admits to being satanists. Good for them.” Does this need comment to point out its offensiveness and/or idiocy?

There’s also this: “What happened to good old voodoo curses?” Might be “innocent” enough, but in the context of the title, one can infer that Clover11111 is saying that the gays are voodoo worshipers which, on WND, is equivalent to anything not Christian which is equivalent to you’re going to burn in hell forever and ever.

Another comment up now actually is somewhat reasonable and really does harken back to the ideals of Christian Love: “So much confusion, and in our world today… Another example as to why the return of Jesus Christ from heaven above is absolutely essential to mankind’s survival… If that were not to occur, we would most certainly destroy ourselves… But it will transpire and mankind will the better for it…”

For WND, that’s pretty nice and measured. A tad preachy for my tastes, but the intent of hoping for the best and the ideals that Christianity was founded on.


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