A Geoengineering Article … Bring It On!

Posted: July 20, 2013 in climate change
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WND posted the beginning of an article from New Scientist entitled, “CIA Spooks Investigate Geoengineering to Fix Climate.” First thing to realize is that the WND editorship and readership doesn’t believe in climate change. It’s all a conspiracy by Big Government or Big Science or something else. But of course, chemtrails are real.

Anyway, the article is basically that the National Academy of Sciences is meeting about climate change, and invited are the Central Intelligence Agency. Seems scary, but to me that makes perfect sense: Assuming climate change is real, that means that lots of stuff we depend on — like, say, weather patterns to deliver water for food growing — can and likely will change. That has clear national security implications. Since the CIA is involved with national security, it makes sense that they would be on a panel that would be discussing climate change.

And, it also makes sense that any think-tank or think-group or conference that discusses climate change and ways to mitigate it will discuss any and all options — be they practical or impractical, currently feasible or infeasible, even currently legal or illegal. It’s a thought process where you throw out ideas and pick the best one(s). Geoengineering (artificially manipulating geologic process(es) to achieve a large environmental impact) is obviously one: If we’re making the climate warmer by releasing a lot of CO2, then additional geoengineering could be done perhaps to sequester it from the atmosphere.

I expected WND readers to blast global warming or climate change in the comments. I was surprised that, instead (at least as of posting this 4 hrs after the article went live), the main comments were about God and how sinful America is.

EllenBernal posts: “The only one who can change the climate is G-d and he had enough with Americas Sins. So he let the Weather go, because we kicked Him out of our World.” That has two up-votes and one down-vote right now.

There’s also abrasmom who writes about carbon credits and then ends with: “Geoengineering, and cia, is an odd combination to fix the climate. These people think they can really control the climate. G-dmust be laughing as they push themselves into derision!”

Finally, Pi10107 states:

The arrogance of mankind is so overwhelming. Mankind still thinks he knows better than God and can do impossible things that only God can do. They are probably the same group that thinks they can move the Earth out of the way of some huge astroid. How stupid can people get? Apparently, pretty stupid!

I couldn’t agree more with that last sentence.

  1. johanges says:

    There is nothing with climate change that couldn’t be fixed with a few giant vats of warm vinegar. If it works for chemtrails, it *has* to work on sea level change.

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