Protesting “Stand Your Ground” Laws Is Done by Coloreds

Posted: July 20, 2013 in politics, racism
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Ah, my first racism post. WND linked to an article by CBS News and headlined it, “Florida Guv Refuses to Revisit ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law.” For those living in a cardboard box, this is in reference to the George Zimmerman being found not guilty in the death of Trayvon Martin, and people protesting around the world at the verdict. I admit that I haven’t actually read many articles on it because I don’t find it incredibly interesting, but the jist that I’ve gathered is that the reason for the not guilty verdict is not an issue of right vs. wrong, but an issue of law: The Stand Your Ground law made it legal, given what the jury decided were the facts of the case, for Zimmerman to shoot and kill Trayvon.

Ergo, if you want to protest, you need to focus on that law rather than a retrial or something else. Which kinda makes sense to me (sorta kinda) IF you only believe some of the presented “facts” of the case. The SYG laws mean that instead of a person taking all reasonable steps to remove themselves from a potentially violent situation, they can just stand there and use deadly force to “defend” themselves when simply walking away could also legitimately be an option. Ergo, people protesting this. And, clearly this type of thinking is more rooted in libertarian and conservative ideals. So, fodder for WND commentators.

The article snippet WND posted was just about this — people protesting in Florida for Gov. Scott to push to repeal the law. He won’t. And since all True Americans who want to defend themselves are for this law, and since whites are the True Americans, we have blatant racism in the WND comments.

The current leading comment in up-votes is from brunsk42 who states: “Makes me laugh that people of color can find the time and energy to go out and protest, but find it an inconvience to obtain an I.D. to vote.” As with many comments and statements since I started to do this blog a few days ago, I find it hard to come up with a cogent response. I think it’s enough just to quote this person and the blatant racism, misconceptions, and departure from reality is self-evident to most readers.

The other racist comment (so, 2 of 5) is by “Barack D Fraud:” “just went to the full article, the comments section was full of whiney blacks complaining about SYG law, it was sickening”

Another 40% of the comments are political. Part of one is, “[The protesters] are the enemies of Democracy and the forerunners of Communism,” and another is “Now when [the protesters] start acting like the good little useful marxist idiots and engaging in violence, [Gov. Scott] needs to make an example of them.”

It’s disheartening to know that there really are people out there who think like this. But, if you ignore them or don’t realize they exist, it’s even worse.

  1. johanges says:

    So much for a “post racial society”. [sigh]

    Zimmerman would probably have attacked Martin regardless of SYG, but now the field is clear. Images of the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889 comes to mind as freshly minted vigilantes head down to the local gun store to get some “protection”.

    I expect some more young black kids to die before the end of the summer…

    [I better stop reading this or I’m going to get way too depressed. Already I can’t eat Skittles without thinking about a young kid walking home from the store still thinking he had a future. Shit.]

  2. jansob says:

    Stuart, love your show, and just heard you on Karl’s. Although we disagree on some things, we agree on the vast majority. Here’s the BUT:

    The Stand Your Ground law was NOT the basis for this verdict. It’s incredibly frustrating to see that nearly everyone is blaming this law. Zimmerman used classic self-defense and the law agreed. This does not mean SYG is a great law, but those protesting it based on the Zimmerman case are either ignorant of the case or just don’t care. SYG means that if you are approached and attacked, you do not need to back down. But in this case, Zimmerman was attacked and on his back, being beaten…feared for his life and shot Martin. He had done a stupid thing by playing cop, and precipitating the situation, but the law only sees the exact moment the gun was used. The jury had several members who wanted to convict Zimmerman of SOMETHING, but could not convict him of murder or even manslaughter. There is not currently a FL law against stupidly putting yourself in a dangerous position, or causing a dangerous situation to occur. They could only go with the law and they were good jurors who did just that. ZImmerman is guilty if terrible judgment, but according to the law, not murder.

    Americans used to say that 10 guilty people should go free lest a single innocent person go to prison…well, Zimmerman may be one of those 10. That’s better than a jury ignoring the law and making up their own rules because they feel it’s more just.

    Does Florida need to amend its laws? Possibly, but they should be careful. STG has kept a lot more minorities out of prison than whites. Prosecutors have enormous power, and SYG evens the playing field for poor defendants. The potential unintended consequences should not be ignored. Other ideas I’ve heard included lowering the bar for conviction….super-dangerous, especially for minorities. The last thing we should do is make it EASIER for prosecutors to put people in jail. I think the jails are full enough.

    And on the alleged racism…this I truly do feel was simply made up for political reasons. Zimmerman is a mixed race guy who took a black girl to the prom, protested the Sanford Police Department on behalf of a homeless black man, and his defender included lots of black neighbors and friends.

  3. Clearly SYG was a factor. Florida police used it as an excuse for not collecting evidence at the crime scene (not even checking Zimmerman’s car until much later after others had accessed it), had there not been such an public outrage, it is not even clear he would have been charged. As it was, much evidence was lost and the prosecutor could only make a limited case. I am _not_ saying that the outcome would have been different, just that the case presented was not the best case that could have been made had the police done their jobs. I suspect (but can not prove) that they just viewed it as a SYG case and dismissed it.

    As for race, the issue isn’t Zimmerman’s skin color, but his prejudice against a young black man he saw as an intruder even before talking to him — and we have the 911 recoding to prove that. A young black man who in turn had been taught that being followed by creepy guys treating him was bad news.

    What triggered the fight we will never know, but I’m certain that had it been a white kid in the place of Martin, there would never have been an incident.

    Zimmerman didn’t get smarter from this as recent events have shown, so it is only a question of time before there is a new incident. Let’s hope he doesn’t kill somebody else, not even himself.

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