Cuban Missile Crisis 2.0?

Posted: July 21, 2013 in politics
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In international news in the past week, Panamanian authorities found a boat-load (half a boat-load?) of weapons buried under bags of brown sugar on a North Korean ship headed back to North Korea from Cuba. For those who don’t know, the UN has imposed so many sanctions on North Korea that this violates international law or resolutions or … well, something. Not that Cuba seriously cares much.

Meanwhile, back in 1962, we had The Cuban Missile Crisis, an event that many historians consider the closest we came to all-out nuclear war during the Cold War between the US and USSR. For those twoo lazy to read the 7-paragraph intro on the linked Wikipedia article, the basics was that the USSR decided to install defensive nuclear weapons in Cuba, the US found out, started a blockade, some USSR ships tried to run it, USSR shot down one US plane, but it was resolved within two weeks and obviously we’re all still here.

Leading up to this was the Republicans criticizing the young Democrat Kennedy on being too light on foreign policy with regards to the Soviets and Cubans. The aftermath was that the Democrats gained 6 Senate seats because the US public perception was that Kennedy did a good job diffusing the situation. This was after the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba by the US in 1961 that was a horrible embarrassment for the Kennedy administration.

Back to today and North Korea, and there are some sorta kinda similarities. Politically in the US, and something with weapons in Cuba or North Korea, but very out-dated ones that military analysts say you’d have to be an idiot to get hit by today in a modern aircraft. As of right now, the situation is unresolved with the North Korean crewman being arrested in Panama, and Panama having gone to the UN for diplomatic assistance.

Enter WND with an article by their F. Michael Maloof entitled, “U.S. Faces Brand-New Cuban Missile Crisis.” Based on what I read, I wouldn’t put it in such a disastrous tone, but I’m not a public policy analyst.

Somehow, though, WND has linked this to an EMP attack on the US. As in, the North Koreans could upgrade the Cuban missiles to launch something into the US that would bring down the entire US electricity grid. I’m sure I’ll be talking more about EMP stuff in a future post since it’s one of WND’s pet scare tactics. Suffice to say, I think that this link is tenuous at best, fear-mongering nonsense at worst.

In the 10 minutes it’s taken me to write so far, 14 comments have been posted, and more keep coming. The commenters are basically saying that Obama is worthless and not nearly as great as John F. Kennedy. For example, “HappyG” states, “Obo the Clown is no JFK…” and it has seven up-votes and no down-votes.

As with all history, it’s painted by the whatever nonsense you want to believe now. JFK was hated by Republicans just as much as they hate President Obama … until they could martyr him for some reason or another today.

Update next morning: 181 comments, top one being: “If I had to chose at this moment in time which is the most dangerous threat to our nation. Cuba or Obama, I would have to say Obama, the enemy within destroying our nation from within. Just my 2 cents worth.”


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