Obama’s Giving Away the Temple Mount — Wait, What?

Posted: July 21, 2013 in conspiracy, politics
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WND likes to publish stories that get its base riled up. Or at least, it seems that way. Whether they are true or not doesn’t always matter. There’ve been a lot of examples in the past, but that was before I started this blog a few days ago.

The latest example is written by Aaron Klein, one of their senior staff reporters. The title of the article is, “‘Secret Obama Plan’ Forfeits Temple Mount to Palestinians.” As in, Secretary of State John Kerry is trying to restart some sort of peace negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians. And, according to WND:

The Obama administration has quietly presented a plan in which the Palestinian Authority and Jordan will receive sovereignty over the Temple Mount while Israel will retain the land below the Western Wall, according to a senior PA negotiator speaking to WND.

If this were maybe CNN, I may lend it some credibility. But, (1) an anonymous source making a claim that (2) goes against all US policy since, well, pretty much since Israel became a state in 1948, and (3) this coming from WND that has published baseless articles before, well, let’s just say my skeptical senses are tingling. And no, my phone isn’t on vibrate, so that’s not what’s tingling.

The rest of the article plays off of that. It also makes specific note “the Palestinians are building illegally in Jewish-owned areas of Jerusalem, resulting in Arab majorities in some neighborhoods” while making no mention of the Israelis building in areas they have no claim to under international law and have been major hinderances to peace negotiations.

At the moment, there are 33 comments on the site, and more occur every few minutes. Oops, now 34. Err, 36. I’ve read through the majority, and I see one incredulous person, glh41:

A Palestinian negotiator leaked details of the alleged US plan…. Gee. You think he might have had an ulterior motive and just maybe lied about what the US plan was to derail talks before they start?

Don’t get wrapped around the axle until you hear the plan from someone in the US authorized to speak of it.

Except for that middle sentence, I totally agree with this guy/gal. The rest of the comments are anti-Muslim, anti-Obama (most of them), and anti-liberal. The top-rated comment at the moment is from Popeye Thesailorman with 33 up-votes and no down-votes:

NO to this evil plan
NO to the idiot kerry
NO to this ‘peace’ plan from HELL
NO to the illegitimate usurper from HELL illegally occupying the wh[ite house]

(Apparently they hit “enter” before finishing “White House” so I added it in.)

In response to the second-highest comment asking how we could have fallen so far so fast, we have, “Barack Hussssein Obama placed the final nails in this generation of man’s coffin” and “It’s called liberalism.”

Several commenters are also quoting Bible verses or sounding biblical. 02word with 18 up-votes and no down-votes starts by stating, “God will have His Perfect Will and nothing Obama or anyone else can do about it but let them continue in the deceitful arrogant & prideful actions and see what happens.” It goes on from there.

It’d be interesting to see ANY other news source reporting this. Until then, this is just a HIGHLY quesiotonable story published to rile up the base with what they want to hear to make them vote über-conservative.

Update next morning, ~12 hrs later: 391 comments, the one that was top before is second with 57 up-votes, the one that was second-highest is now first with 65 up-votes. The comment I see with the most net down-votes (one up, nine down) says that we should “Just BOMB the temple mount.”

The comment right below it was removed by a moderator, so it was probably calling this into question. In fact, a bit of word searching reveals it to be the one comment that I agreed with last night. The top-comment below it by “leslegato” starts out by saying, “You’re a shill for jihad and a liar.” It goes downhill from that and has 22 up-votes at the moment.

Now you can see what kind of stuff is removed by WND … anything that calls into question their righteous indignation.

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