Saudi Airlines’ Ban on Israeli Passengers Means Muslims Are Terrorists

Posted: July 22, 2013 in politics, religion
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In a link to an Al Arabia news story, WND explains that the Saudi Arabian Airlines has confirmed that it will not fly anyone of Israeli nationality because it does not have any political relations with the country and therefore cannot transport their peoples. I personally think that’s a stupid reason and an even stupider situation, but that’s that and obviously I can’t leave that comment on WND’s site.

One would think that a reasonable, calm, measured response would be along those lines. But this is WND, and the article has 11 comments right now.

The top ones are three up-votes. First is the perfectly sane, “muslims should be banned, period! Everywhere! Damn terrorists!” ‘Cause, you know, all Muslims are terrorists just like all Christians during the Crusades were terrorists.

Another three up-vote post is:

The Saudi ‘s are nothing more than a bunch of filthy swine!!!
Again we see a mooslum country practicing their intolerence towards other human beings. The king of saudi arabia is an impotent little pig and America needs to stop immediately all support for these swines!!!
I apologize to pigs everywhere for insulting you by comparing you to those saudi scumbags.

It has the response: “Yeah what ever is OBama.. MOre ***sum bag then Gutter Holds in downtown.” I’m not even sure what that’s supposed to mean. It appears to have been written in a drunken stupor.

The final three up-vote comment has decent grammar and spelling, so it’s somewhat abnormal for WND and concludes, “it becomes clear to any but the most obtuse that US – Saudi relations are toxic.”


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