Forfeiting Sports Games So You Don’t Play on the Sabbath

Posted: July 23, 2013 in religion, sports
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I see this kind of story every now-and-then, and I really ONLY see it with respect to very religious Jews (as in, not Christians, not Muslims, not Hindus, etc.). This is another example where a womens’ lacrosse team from Israel beat New Zealand which puts them in the running for the top eight for the World Cup. They play Canada next.

But, win or lose against Canada, they will be in the top-eight bracket, the game for which is Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath. With their interpretation of their religious text, they can’t play, so they’ve forfeited.

The commenters are mostly about quoting Bible verses about respecting god and whatnot. Another commenter suggests saying that “Saturday is an Islamic holiday and the games will most definitely be stopped so as not to offend (PC at its finest).”

Really the only comment that I agree with is from “Slavoj” to stated, “The things people will do for lies in an old book.” Which means he’ll probably be banned from the site.

  1. johanges says:

    Christians can’t quite agree on if the “seventh day” is on Saturday or Sunday, so being dogmatic about it is tricky. In Europe, Monday is mostly counted as Day One, while in the US, Sunday is the first day of the week. 4’th century roman history just confused the issue by giving the day after the seventh day off for worship.

    As for why Muslims don’t do it, my only guess is that while Friday is a day for worship, you are still allowed to ride a buss and press elevator buttons.

    I think Slavoj hits the nail on the head. And once you decide to subscribe to lies in an old book, you have to pick a non-contradictory set of lies to follow.

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