Global Warming Hasn’t Stopped Because It Never Started

Posted: July 23, 2013 in climate change, science
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Short post because this is something that you’d expect from über-ultra-radical conservatives. In a link to the Independent news source, WND posts three paragraphs under the headline, “Has Global Warming Stopped?” with the sub-heading, “Scientists say it’s just on pause, and down to oceans.”

The issue is that while something like >96% of the world’s climate scientists agree that (a) the climate is overall warming and (b) that humans are very likely the cause, for the last maybe 3 or 4 years, the overall warming trend has paused. Not really sure why.

Anyway, I’m posting this particular post because of the comments. They mostly boil down to (a) it’s always changed, this is a natural cycle, or (b) it hasn’t been changing for the last century despite all those crazy scientists with their wacko hair (sigh) and extra letters weighing them down.

We have, for example, “kingdad” writing:

Earth’s Climate has changed over time since the dawn of time. We know it has warmed and cooled. The primary sources are Earth’s core and the Sun. The rest of the so-called reasons are just insignificant parts of the larger whole.
The Sad part is that Man in his arrogance and presumption thinks he has more power and influence over it than he actually does.

I’d like to know what kingdad’s research credentials are. “WeThePeopleUSA” – a big patriot, I assume – has this to say:

Of course Global Warming didn’t stop…because it never started! This snake oil scam has got to be laughed completely out of existence. Now, there is some huge “heat sink” at the bottom of the deepest, darkest part of the ocean. It is so far down that no one (not even alGore) can see, hear, touch, taste or take its temperature…how very convenient. Dang, why won’t these global temps spike…don’t they know we need this so we can create fake money-grab scams like carbon credits?!!! Message to mad scientists and alGore, your scam isn’t flying. God’s system is too big…much too big for you to measure and manipulate for your idiotic hocus pocus make-believe theories. Oh look, here comes another ice age…how to cash in…

Anyway, that’s the basic idea. I don’t expect to do another climate change article on here because it really is what you’d expect from this crowd and not that interesting.

  1. johanges says:

    “… crazy scientists with their wacko hair…” I now suddenly understand why Simon Singh was sued by the British Chiropractic Association.

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