Non-Discrimination Clause of Course Means Discrimination Against the Religious

Posted: July 24, 2013 in homosexuality, legal / law
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An article posted yesterday by WND writer Bob Unruh has a cute little girl in a pink shirt clutching a blue-bound book with gilt page edges entitled “HOLY BIBLE.” The headline is, “U.S. City Looks to Penalize Bible Believers.” Talk about a setup and being disingenuous.

The article talks about a San Antonio (Texas) city council plan to update its nondiscrimination ordinances to include sexual orientation and gender identity. As in, you can’t discriminate based on those, and you can’t hold office if you discriminate against someone based on those.


Well yeah, it is Horror!! if you’re a typical WND person — a white, straight, Bible-thumping Christian. Of course stoning people is wrong and you shouldn’t kill witches, but the homos? They should clearly be discriminated against.

In the article, Unruh points out (as, I presume, a positive, though I consider it a telling negative) that it’s church leaders and groups who oppose the ordinance as infringing on their beliefs. Me? Well, I don’t have a problem with that. Keep your antiquated discriminatory policies to your religion, leave them out of the public sphere.

Clearly, I was shock-ed when WND commenters disagree with my enlightened opinion. Most comments are mocking it. One, by “spitfire1938,” says, “Look’s like the “progressive communist” plan to capture Texas and choke it until it turns ‘blue’, is right on schedule!” Sure … “look’s” like it.

What fascinates me is that people are allowed to post completely off-topic comments so long as they fit with WND’s belief system. “r1pvfx” with 24 up-votes and 1 down-vote states the following, which I don’t see as at all relevant:

“I find it extremely offensive as a Christian to hear the individual masquerading as president mocking the Bible and stating America is not a Christian nation anymore and stating that it was a “strength”. How about we remove the walking, talking anti-Christian bias in the Oval office and get this country back on track? I for one do not want to see him finish the job and leaving all of America looking like Detroit.”

Another person, BigBoa, claims “this is clearly the most blatant violation yet of the 1st ammendment right to practice religion.” Um, no, it’s not. You can practice your religion however you want. This is saying that you can’t impose your religious bigotry on the general populace if you’re going to be a government official.

Edited to Add (September 20, 2013): After the above ordinance did pass, Right Wing Watch has a story of Pat Robertson claiming that San Antonio will now put Christians in jail because of its anti-discrimination policy. ‘Cause, you know, they did that before when someone discriminated against someone who was already covered by the anti-discrimination policy.


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