Infighting Is Fun! –Religious Institute Allows LGBT Club

Posted: July 25, 2013 in homosexuality, religion
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WND links to a New American article, giving it the headline, “Fuller Seminary Says ‘Yes’ to Homosexual Campus Club.” I guess the word “gay” is the only one WND puts in quotes and not “homosexual.”

The news is quite straight-forward: A theological seminary, “one of the most esteemed evangelical theology training schools in the nation,” has approved the formation of an LGBT(etc.) student organization. One to support the community and provide “a safe place for dialogue between LGBTQ students and the wider Fuller community.”

My own measured, 21st century response, is “good.” As in, if religion wants to stay relevant, it is going to need to adapt to changing society. Polls consistently show that overwhelmingly, support for same-sex equal rights and support (and marriage) is a generational thing, where the younger generation is much more open to this (as in more, “Why is this a big deal?”) when compared with the older generation. It’s the proverbial “writing on the wall,” and allowing a campus group to form to provide a safe place and outreach for LGBT college-aged students seems like a no-brainer.

But then, I’m not a typical WND commenter (obviously, since I was banned several months ago). Nor am I a conservative Christian locked in an 11th century mindset.

“bluenevada” and “joegoodman” are tied right now for the top of the 26 comments with 33 up-votes and no down-votes each. The former states, “Just what Christians need, more apostate pastors. NOT! BTW, this is why people are leaving the false apostate churches in droves. I would not want to be in these men’s shoes on judgement day.” The second responds, with quotes around their comment: “And this is the condemnation; that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil.”

Based on my internet searching, that’s a quote from John 3:19. I think it comes right before, “And Jesus said, ‘Just shut the f–k up!'” Just another example of Christian Love™®.


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