United States Is Paying the Price for Supporting Israel: It’s Not Been Destroyed by God

Posted: July 26, 2013 in politics, religion
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This story is a link to the Times of Israel and is headlined: “Former CentCom Chief: U.S. Pays Price for Backing Israel.” The basic claim (which is pretty much true) is that the United States pretty dogmatically supports Israel in contrast with fairly universal world condemnation, and as a result, the United States isn’t liked by other countries, or at least this aids in the unliking.

I actually think that this is fairly legit. And I agree with it. And personally, I think that we support Israel too much in light of some of the really counter-productive and counter-peace things it does, such as building housing units for Israeli citizens in occupied regions and occupying other regions that, according to the UN, are illegally occupied.

And, the United States’ support of Israel pretty much regardless of any of the crap it pulls I think should lower the respect we get. It’s like a teacher always supporting the kid who keeps taking pencils and crayons from other kids at school. That teacher’s status among other teachers should be lowered because they clearly favor one student when that student is doing something that most agree is wrong. This isn’t the best analogy, but I think I’ve made my basic point.

Compare this with how much Russia and China are unliked in the United States for failing to approve harsh sanctions against Iran and North Korea. To me, the situations are similar: Most countries agree that Iran and North Korea are doing bad things. Granted, Israel isn’t doing things that are quite as directly destructive as Iran and North Korea – please don’t think I don’t realize that – but it’s the same basic idea. We then go to the UN to try to get sanctions and Russia and China – despite the objective facts, refuse to back many sanctions.

It’s the same thing with Israel, the US blindly supports them regardless of what they do wrong, vetoing resolutions against Israel and appearing stupid and dogmatic to the rest of the world in vetoing Palestine’s request to be an observer state a year or so ago (which got approved over US objections, anyway).

So that’s the jist of the WND linked article.

What I honestly don’t understand is that support for Israel is such a conservative Christian thing. If a reader could explain that to me, I’d appreciate it. One need go no further than the comments to see this, with “benfromid” and “wearyconservative1946” stating, “More likely our support of Israel is about the only thing keeping God’s wrath from falling on this nation” and “We’ll pay a much greater price for not supporting Israel,” respectively.

  1. Graham says:

    From memory the reason Conservative Christians support Israel is that in their interpretation of the Book of Revelations Israel needs to exist so that:

    (a) The Battle of Armageddon can be fought there (Though there are some who claim it was already fought in 1917 (Lookup, General Edmund Allenby 1st Viscount Armageddon (aka Megiddo & Felixstowe).)

    (b) The Jews of Israel can be converted to Christianity in the aftermath of Armageddon.

    If you have the time tracking down the film Omega Code 2 (“Not a sequel but an equal”.) will give a good overview.

    • Stuart Robbins says:

      Thanks for the info. Fairly stupid reason, but no one ever said religion made sense. Well, they did, but I disagree. 🙂

  2. Apparently the “third temple” is a prerequisite for The Battle of Armageddon, so “the Jews” are needed to build it. This is where some christians goes of the deep end (well, another deep end, it is neither first, nor the last). Check out some of the Red Heifer stuff and why a cattle breeder in Nebraska is trying to breed a line of pure red cattle. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_heifer#Christians

    If I was a red cow, I certainly wouldn’t want to make an ash out of myself to help end the world…

  3. Flip says:

    It’s probably a combination of supporting Judaism – as a precursor to Christianity, and therefore not quite but almost allies – and a dislike for anything Arab. Don’t foget that there’s often a lot of anti-Islamic sentimentthat often appears with this stuff.

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