WND Promotes Debunked St. Malachy Prophecy

Posted: July 27, 2013 in religion
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Sometimes, WND publishes articles that advertises stuff from its own publishing house – books or videos. This is a case with their article, “Uncanny! Popes’ Coats of Arms Back Up Prophecy.”

Basically, this “Prophecy” from over 900 years ago accurately “predicted” the Popes up to about 1590, after which it wasn’t that accurate. This also happened to coincide with when these “prophecies” were first published, by the monk Arnold Wion in 1595. Hmmmmmm… this is why most think that it’s fake. And even the Church has said that they’re fake.

That hasn’t stopped people from thinking that this Pope, Pope Francis, is the “prophesied” “Petrus Romanus,” the last Pope, the 112th, after which Jesus would return. Despite Francis having absolutely nothing to do with Rome (or Europe) or the name Peter, some have still shoehorned him in. This WND article does the same via the Coat of Arms. This of course is why you should by WND’s DVD, “The Last Pope?” for $25.95.

Comments-wise, the WND commentators aren’t buying it. Several are quoting Bible verses. Others are saying that the Bible clearly states that no one can know the time nor place of Jesus’ return. It seems like most commenters, however, are simply mocking them. Not bad for once.

  1. […] I’m kinda diggin’ this Pope Francis guy. World Net Daily is not. Their latest piece, published yesterday, is authorless and entitled, “Shock! Radical Group Raves About Francis.” To spare you needing to read the 38±3 paragraphs, basically the point of the article is two-fold: (1) A communist group likes some of what Pope Francis has said, and (2) buy our book discussing the (debunked) prophecy of the “last pope” (see my post on THAT fun li’l bit). […]

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