Rush Limbaugh Being Dumped Because of Obama

Posted: July 28, 2013 in conspiracy
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Non sequitur anyone?

WND executive news editor Joe Kovacs penned the article, “Broadcast Giant ‘Dropping Limbaugh, Hannity,’” yesterday based on a news article from Politico. Based on a Google News search, the rumors are solely based on the Politico story, and many other news outlets have picked it up.

For those who don’t know, Limbaugh is probably one of if not the biggest name in radio, and he’s definitely the king of right-wing talk radio anywhere. He’s also seen his advertisers flee (though they’ve come back from what I can tell) ever since he called a college woman, Sandy Fluke, a prostitute because she testified before Congress that heath insurance should cover birth control.

Sean Hannity is another conservative who hosts a nationally syndicated talk show and has a show on FOX.

The Politico story states:

In a major shakeup for the radio industry, Cumulus Media, the second-biggest broadcaster in the country, is planning to drop both Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity from its stations at the end of the year, an industry source told POLITICO on Sunday.

Cumulus has decided that it will not renew its contracts with either host, the source said, a move that would remove the two most highly rated conservative talk personalities from more than 40 Cumulus channels in major markets.

The reason Politico gives is over cost in distribution contracts between radio networks/companies. According to this, it has nothing to do with the personalities. And, that Rush has already stated that at the end of his 2013 contract, he may not renew with Cumulus.

To his credit, Joe Kovacs’ article on WND states just this, not embellishing, not adding commentary. But the headline is enough to set off, only 4 hours later (when I’m writing this), 360 comments. I’m guessing most just read the headline.

The top comment is by “afanaglenn” who states: “This has Obama stentch all over it as he continues to further gain control of all media. Radio has been the last area to control as he already controls the press, the printed press and television networks. WHILE AMERICANS SLEEP.” Again, I don’t think most people read past the headline.

The third-most up-voted comment is by “karolh” who adds: “This is another Obama scam, he hates Rush and Hannity. He tried every way he could to make Fox fire Hannity, but it did not work. I am so sure when Obama and Satan meet they will be a matched pair.” The highest-rated reply is by “Fran:” “You comment that when Obama and Satan meet…I already thought that they were One in the Same.”

That’s one class of responses. The second class is simply saying that these guys will go elsewhere, that their message will still be heard. That the liberals running these companies will not squash their message.

The third class of comments on the article are simply that the country is going down the drain.

Interestingly, “Jenny Murphy”‘s comment of, “You comment that when Obama and Satan meet…I already thought that they were One in the Same.” has 14 up-votes but 10 down-votes.

But, perhaps most telling is that “trafficcam”‘s comment gets only 4 up-votes and 7 down-votes. It epitomizes what WND readers hate: “Turn off the radio and think for yourself.”

Update later on July 29, 2013: The WND article now instantly redirects to “Limbaugh Responds to ‘Stations Dumping Him.'” It’s a response by Limbaugh basically saying what I did above: That even if this happens, listeners won’t notice any changes, some other distribution will happen. The comments must have carried over because there are now 791 and counting. The top one blaming Obama that I quoted before is still the top one.

  1. Flip says:

    None of it makes any sense. Those two are so well known that anyone interested in making money would offer them a new place for publication. Plus i suspect they’d have enough money to fund it out of their own pockets if need be. These people seriously dont understand how the media marketplace works.

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