Droning in on the Search for Bigfoot

Posted: July 30, 2013 in science
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Drew Zahn writes WND’s article from yesterday (I’ve been busy…) entitled, “Unmanned Aerial Drone to Search for Bigfoot.” Really?

Yea, apparently. Idaho State University Prof. Jeff Meldrum – well known in the bigfoot area – is behind this, fundraising for “The Falcon Project” to use a drone over the “Bigfoot territory” to search for the elusive (and >>99% chance imaginary) creatures. The rest of the article contains quotes from Meldrum and then anecdotes from some teenagers.

I didn’t think this would garner much attention from commenters, but it did. 21 hours after posting, the article has 136 comments. The one that was in the lead for a long time – and still has the most up-votes with 33 – is by “USA Retired” who writes: “The nation is coming apart all around us and these idiots want to waste money looking for a non existent mythical creature. A more worthwhile project would be to uncover O’Bozo’s real history, which would place him on trial, and subsequently in Federal Prison!”

So, saying this is stupid and then turning it to insult the President. “NoU4EN” responded, “Exactly. Another distraction from the real issues like Benghazi and IRS targeting.”

This is the general trend. I’ve mentioned it before but this one is a doozy: WND doesn’t care if you post stuff off-topic on their comments (I do), so long as you support their political, racial, and religious views. All the other top comments are insults to the First Family, including:

  • “Bigfoot can be found in the White House. She wears ugly dresses and eats a lot.”
  • I hope we find that manegie critter, cause if Obama can get elected then so can bigfoot. Especially since Obama always has his bigfoot in his mouth.
  • If you want a picture of Bigfoot, just keep your camera ready and walk around in the White House with a big plate of lobster.

WND really has some despicable readers. And it’s unfortunate that they vote. But I have to keep reminding myself that I’m more exposed to them than most people because I read their stuff: They really are the minority, though a very vocal one.

  1. Wow! I had no idea there even was a Birthers Against Bigfoot faction. I learn new stuff all the time. I almost feel sorry for Republican candidates who actually have to pander to these people… (I said “almost”.)

  2. DragonHawk1959 says:

    There is more than enough evidence in support of Bigfoot’s existence. Many of the footprints could not have been faked by anyone except an expert in foot anatomy and prosthetics.

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