Erotic Materials on Military Bases Mean You Should Be Able to Prosthelytize

Posted: July 30, 2013 in military, pornography, religion
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In a post of a Military Times article, WND pronounces, “Playboy, Penthouse OK’d for Military Posts.” The jist of the article is that the military is going to allow these magazines (and some others) to be sold on military bases because they don’t meet the definition of “indecent material” under federal law. Okay, fine. So male soldiers are going to be able to get some “dirty magazines” so it doesn’t show up in their internet browser history. I really couldn’t care less.

But the WND commenters could. In fact, they care a great deal about this. Other than one person saying that this is part of the Communist Goals for taking over America (“Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting
pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV”), most are lamenting the moral decline and several are pointing out that it’s ridiculous to allow these but not let soldiers prosthelytize (a word I had to look up the spelling for).

For example, the second-highest rated comment now is from “Liber_sum” who states:

“Porn is not considered indecent, but a Christian soldier sharing their faith in Christ is? How long before a soldier faces a court martial for being a Christian? Liberals in the Pentagon are saying that soldiers who share their faith are enemies of the Constitution.”

No, that’s not considered indecent. What’s considered indecent is when a soldier makes others feel uncomfortable due to their trying to get others to follow their religion, or telling another soldier they’re going to hell for not believing their religion, or commanding officers making it mandatory to go to prayer groups. If someone were doing that with Playboy, holding it up and reading from it to all their fellow soldiers in the barracks, well, first off I doubt many would care, but second, that would be the same as prosthelytizing with religion. No one is forcing you to buy Playboy. Grow up.

  1. Christians sharing their faith isn’t indecent or obscene as such(*). But forcing others to listen to it, is inconsiderate, hostile, cruel and sometimes unconstitutional.

    (*) Mel Gibson certainly knows how to make it both indecent and obscene, so there are ways…

  2. Bloody well said. I’ve had enough of the WND-reading high arbiters of the new American theocracy trying to force their (and my) religion on everyone else, and shrieking about their rights being violated when they don’t get their way.

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