Informant Claims US Conspiring with Europe Against Israel

Posted: August 5, 2013 in conspiracy, politics
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I’ve only been writing a few weeks, but Aaron Klein seems to be the one so far with the made-up political stories on WND. In perhaps a follow-up to an article claiming that “Obama” would be giving away the Temple Mount to Palestinians, his latest story that is probably not true is headlined, “Kerry ‘Using Europeans to Blackmail Israel.’” By the way, according to the “About,” Aaron Klein is WND’s “senior staff reporter and Jerusalem bureau chief.”

This latest story starts with the following:

The Obama administration is working behind the scenes in tandem with the European Union’s boycott of Israeli settlements, tying the seriousness of the EU’s future ban to the Jewish state’s actions during current U.S.-brokered talks with the Palestinians, according to a senior Palestinian negotiator.

I wonder if it’s the same Palestinian informant who said Obama was giving away the Temple Mount. Further down the article, Klein writes: “The negotiator further claimed that if Israel does not collaborate with the current round of Palestinian talks being brokered by Kerry, the EU financial sanctions could become tougher. The threat has been communicated to Israeli officials, according to the Palestinian negotiator.”

The meat of the article is only a very few more paragraphs, and the remaining 70% or so (eyeballing) is repeating the Temple Mount stuff from before and some history of the issues at hand from a very pro-Israel standpoint.

Now, I’ve probably made many of my social, political, and religious views clear in the nearly 40 posts I’ve written for this blog. But let me be very clear on two points: First, I am not against Judaism nor religion in general except (a) when people try to force it on others or are “PDA” with it, and (b) when it actively encourages uncritical thinking. Second, I am not “anti-Israel.” What I am against is Israel doing illegal things and pulling crap that no other country would get away with, and the US blindly backing them regardless (at least the last few Administrations).

With that out of the way, this article, posted 4-5 days ago as I write this, only has about 88 comments. That’s more than some others from last week that I have in the queue, but, it’s less by far than their most popular stories. This is probably in the middle.

The top-scored comment based on Disqus’s scoring scheme is by “George,” who writes: “Because he is a good muslim, Zero wants to destroy all Jews and the Lord’s Nation of Israel, along with the USA. He, nor any man, can not destroy Israel, but he is doing well in his attempt to destroy the USA” [sic]

The next two are tied, with “yankeepoacher” stating, “No need for any further proof that Obanana and his flunkies are Moslem shills?” and “Rudy11” with, “Kerry, Barry and the rest of them must be out of their minds. They really have no idea what they are doing -”

“zonable” has 13 up-votes with, “John Kerry, picking up where Hitler left off.”

Pretty much all of the comments are along this theme. Often, there are two or three themes in the comments. Not this time.


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