“Muslim” Taxi Driver Kicks Lesbians Out on Highway

Posted: August 5, 2013 in homosexuality
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In a link to “The Oregonian,” WND headlines a story of homophobia with, “Muslim Cabbie in Oregon Boots Lesbians onto Freeway.” Really, that’s the story, or at least as much as WND copied.

Going to the original, there’s not much else other than they did get another cab after the guy kicked ’em out (though they had to wait in an unsafe spot on the side of the highway), and after communication between the two cab drivers, the second one kicked them out. Oh, yes, they did happen to kiss while in the car. The taxi drivers had the audacity to call the police and say they didn’t pay their fare, because a police officer who they flagged down “informed them that he had been dispatched to find them after someone had called to report passengers had skipped out on a Broadway cab fare.” Fortunately, the officer called the company, got the report removed so they didn’t have to pay, and he drove them to a friend’s home.

Finally, “Broadway Cab has suspended the original driver’s authority to operate a cab as a full investigation begins into what occurred, according to Raye Miles, president of Broadway Cab. [Broadway Cab President Raye] Miles said the City of Portland also is conducting its own independent inquiry.” (Well, I say “finally,” but then there are commentaries for a few more paragraphs in the original article.)

Oh yeah, and there’s also nothing in the original story that says anything about the taxi driver being Muslim. Nothing. No mention of “Muslim,” “Islam,” “Quran,” etc. WND sure does like to be sensational and make s*** up.

To me, the situation is unconscionable. I don’t care if I had a Klan member in the back of my taxi who was talking on their cell phone about how they were going to burn some n****r the next night. I’d still drive them and then call the police. And if you discriminate against one minority and can get away with it, then that sends a message that you can discriminate against others (or someone else can). After all, I doubt WND readers would like it if you replace “Lesbian” with “Christian” or “White” or “Jew.” And I would expect commenters to realize that and point this out that this is crazy.

Alas, my expectations were not met yet again. The top-rated comment (27 up, 0 down) is from “kingdad” who has this joyous message of Christian Love™:

Boo Hoo! PDA aren’t always appropriate you sorry, self-centered, narcissistic clowns.
Maybe next time you’ll think about your Responsibilities to Respect Others and to Tolerate the Diversity of viewpoints that don’t coalesce around your POV. Tolerance and Diversity go both ways Honey! It’s clear from this story that both of you lesbian ladies have little Tolerance for others and certainly don’t accept the Diversity that is America the Melting Pot. Hence one might conclude that you are biased, bigoted and hypocritical ladies unworthy of any sympathy.

It has three responses, all voted down considerably, saying this person is an ass (I’m paraphrasing).

“Plebeian” wrote this, with 21 up-votes and 0 down:

I feel for the real victim here. The cab company. They hire a guy, a minority since the government demands “equality and diversity,” and he pisses some people off. Despite all their efforts to remedy the issue, the cab company will be sued, they will lose the case or settle, and be out a boat load of money and have negative public reaction to boot. They fire the driver, a cab car sits in a garage collecting bills for maintenance and insurance while not being driven and earning money.

All because two women couldn’t keep their hands and mouths to themselves until they got home. (What was the third person thinking while they made out?)

And people wonder why hiring is so slow.

Again, I wonder how “Plebeian” would feel if this was a Christian who had been booted for pulling out a Bible to read.

There are over 100 comments to this story as of now. The vast majority of them are similar.


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