Joseph Farah Lacks an Understanding of Governmental Powers and Necessity of Compromise

Posted: August 6, 2013 in immigration, medicine, politics
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I did a post yesterday on one of Joseph Farah’s commentaries, and this one deserves mention, too: “The End of Republican Party.” Basically, it’s a whiney piece saying that the Republicans control the House, therefore they can do everything Farah wants on the über-conservative agenda: Defund the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”), somehow “defeat amnesty,” and supposedly other things that aren’t listed — really, these seem to be at the top of his wish list.

For those who’ve been out of civics for a long time or those not from the US, let’s review: Three branches of government. Two deal with passing laws. One writes them and passes, the other has to approve them, though the first can override disapproval (very rarely done).

That branch that writes the laws is the Congress, the legislature. We have a bicameral (“two-headed”) legislature with an upper (Senate) and lower (House) body. The Constitution states that all funding/tax-related bills (“pre-laws”) must be started in the House. But, anything that gets sent to the President (the Executive branch) for signing must be identical versions of bills passed both by the House and Senate. And the President can still veto.

With that in mind, let’s review: Farah wants the Republicans, which have a majority in the House, to pass a bill and kill a bill (not supermajority — >2/3 needed to override a veto, though the Senate controlled by Democrats also does not have a supermajority there). So on the immigration thing, I agree: The Republicans in the House can probably prevent this from happening. Though the political cost by all accounts but FOX and WND would be large for the Republicans.

As for defunding the ACA, not going to happen. To review: The Senate has to also pass an identical bill as the House, and the President has to sign it or a supermajority in both chambers of Congress has to override the President’s veto. Not gonna happen. I don’t care if every single Republican in the House voted to do this, it will NEVER pass with this Senate and President.

The only game they could play would be to refuse to do anything unless they get their way. That did not go over very well for Gingrich and the Republicans back in the 1990s against President Bill Clinton. I almost dare them to try.

There are over 260 comments to Farah’s post as of the time I’m writing this. There’s no real theme to them, though most agree with him, making me shake my head at America’s education system.


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