Worst Fears Realized: Gays Sue Church to Hold Their Wedding

Posted: August 6, 2013 in homosexuality, legal / law, religion
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Bob Unruh seems to be the resident gay religious guy at WND. Not that he’s gay and religious. I’m sure he’s religious. And very anti-gay. But so far, of the articles of his I’ve seen and written about here, they’ve all been about the Poor Christians being persecuted by the Mean Gays.

This particular example has the headline, “‘Gays’ to Sue Church to Perform ‘Marriage’ Ceremonies.” WND is again so childish that they have to put “gay” in quotes and even “marriage” in quotes, as well.

The situation is this: Marriage equality now exists in Britain. There is an official state religion in Britain, the Church of England (CoE). Two homosexual men want to get married in a CoE locale, but aren’t allowed. They’re suing. Note that there is a provision in the law that was passed to legalize marriage equality that churches can’t be forced to perform the ceremonies. But, it’s a state-run church.

It’s hard to say what would happen in American considering we don’t have an official state church (despite what many would like). But, I can easily envision a situation where this kind of challenge would go before the Supreme Court which could invalidate part of the law (i.e., that clause) because it was unconstitutional because, as a state-run and -funded institute that receives federal funds, it would have to follow federal non-discrimination statutes with which this clause would be incompatible. I’m not a legal scholar here and definitely not in Britain, but perhaps someone from across the pond could chime in on the situation there.

Anyway, that’s the situation and it’s only briefly put out there, maybe 20% of the article. It’s mainly used as a launching point to rile up the base here in ‘Mer’ca to make them think that such a thing would happen here, that – God forbid! – their church could somehow be forced to perform ‘gay’ wedding ceremonies!! (though why anyone would want to get married in a place that everyone hates them is beyond me)

Of course, after 4 days of being up, the WND commenters have rewarded Bob with over 268 comments. The top-rated one with 28 up-votes is by “JET_CA” who writes, “Try it in a mosque. ha ha ha” I’m not sure why that’s the top-rated comment, it’s just sorta stupid.

“Sick of it” with 22 up-votes writes what should have been the article’s tag line based on the obvious message Bob wants to convey: “This is exactly what we said would happen.”

Really, the theme of the comments is what you would expect from WND by this point if you’ve been following this youthful blog. If you haven’t, see the above two comments and you get the idea. Some have also gotten in the obligatory “sodomy-based marriage” line. It’s just bigotry, homophobia, (non-)righteous indignation, and Bible quoting.

Update August 7, 2013: WND posted a follow-up yesterday that’s a link to a Daily Mail article that they have headlined, “‘Gays’ to Sue Church of England to Wed in Church.” Same old, same old.

  1. The original idea was that churches would be banned from celebrating gay weddings. Quakers and Unitarians responded in the consultation, and the current position is that the Church of England, the state church only in England, is banned from carrying out such ceremonies, and other churches can opt in.

    The claim would have to be made under European Union law, or under the separate European Court of Human Rights. The Government thought the CofE would be safe, and the matter appears uncertain.

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