For Jesus, Defacing a Church

Posted: August 7, 2013 in homosexuality, religion
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WND links to a story I’ve seen on a few other sites, their link going to WCCO-TV. They headline it as, “‘Shameful Sodomites!’: Man in Wheelchair Paints Church.” The story is fairly simple: A guy in Maple Grove, MN, spray painted a church with that phrase because it was LGBT-accepting. That he’s in a wheelchair is incidental. Oh, and the guy has been arrested (Lonny Lloyd Roseland) and is facing third-degree damage to property and disorderly conduct charges — both misdemeanors. The WCCO-TV article ends with this: “He said he has a bias toward gay marriage and that ‘any church that recognizes gays can be married in the eyes of God is not a church but a cult.'”

I chose to post this because I was surprised at the WND comments. It was published 8 hours ago and has 16 comments. Ten of them are pro-Lonny, 1 is neutral, and a whopping five (hey, that’s 31% right now!) are actually pro-law. As in, to quote the second-highest rated comment (7 up, 0 down) by “Vicky Fisher:” “Vandalizing property is wrong period .”


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