Keeping Benghazi Pseudo-Scandal Alive by Making a New Conspiracy

Posted: August 7, 2013 in conspiracy
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Aaron Klein, known on this blog so far for what I have termed “fake news” stories (pending confirmation) about Israeli peace negotiations with Palestinians, has a new article up entitled, “Reporting of Embassy Threat Perpetuates Benghazi Lies.” For background on Benghazi, see my first post on the subject.

This latest has to do with the alert sent out a few days ago that the US embassies were closing or heightened security or on alert or something over the weekend due to chatter of a possible terrorist attack. In other words, to a lay person like me when it comes to politics and security, perhaps setting a lower threshold of “chatter” that will trigger a security alert so that a situation like what happened in Benghazi does not happen again, where a group overran the embassy and killed several Americans including the Ambassador. Seems like a reasonable thing to do, right?

Not if you’re Aaron Klein, apparently. His entire article, to me, appears to be making a huge issue of a technicality: The Benghazi facility was a “consulate” or maybe a “mission,” not an “embassy,” therefore the mainstream media comparing this situation with what happened there is wrong. Hence the title. To me, this seems like something ridiculous to get worked up about.

That might be why it only has 7 comments right now, even after being up for half a day or so. The commenters take the conspiracy even further. For example, “Pi10107” has the top-rated comment that starts with, “I haven’t believed this embassy threat. From the beginning it sounded just like what obama and the dems pull to get what they want.” The rest are similar.


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