In a “WND EXCLUSIVE” that is authored by no one who is named, we have the story, “University Shuts Down Science-Class Discussions” (not sure why they have a hyphen there). I’m also not sure how this can possibly be a “WND EXCLUSIVE” considering that I’ve been reading and hearing about this case for months.

Fromm my own readings, this is the case of Eric Hedin who is in the physics and astronomy department at Ball State University and offered a class called, “Boundaries of Science.” The reading list was mostly made of texts from Intelligent Design manuals (ID is not Goddidit but Somethingdidit — “creationism in a cheap suit” to quote someone). The Freedom from Religion Foundation got involved, I read a lot about it on Jerry Coyne’s “Why Evolution Is True” blog, and I of course heard a lot about it on the ID the Future podcast. It has recently come to a resolution where Hedin can still teach it, but has to offer it in philosophy or seriously revise it. Something like that – I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

The WND article, published three days ago as I write this, reads much like a press release from the Discovery Institute (DI — the “think tank” (I use “think” loosely) behind ID). It is full of quotes from people at the DI using phrases like “Orwellian world” and “blatant attack on academic freedom.” No, it’s simply not science so should not be taught as such. That’s really the jist of the article — basic indignation and DI people stomping their feet.

Oh, and at the end, WND adds: “Get to the truth of evolution, in “Darwin’s Deadly Legacy,” as well as “How to Know God Exists.”” I’m sure the DI loves that considering they’ve tried very hard (and failed) to claim ID is not religion.

This is the second story I’ve seen on WND with over 1000 comments. At the moment, it has 1248. I’m only skimming the top-rated top-level comments. It’s pretty much as you would expect based on the tone of the “article” (I’m just assuming it’s a DI press release handed to WND) and not even worth quoting anything.

Perhaps worth mentioning is that WND got an e-mail they published entitled, “Muzzling Evolution’s Fraud.” Since they published it in full, I will quote it in full. More to give the reader here more on the thought process behind WND’s stance.

Good story on the university censoring science!

The University of Phoenix has founded a University Code of Conduct charge against me (I appealed and presently await a decision) for presenting documentable truths in an academic discussion. One of the cited “offenses” was a statement that I made declaring that the theory of evolution is bankrupt. And, it indeed is provably bankrupt!

Please keep up the fight for truth in the university! Thanks for your hard work.

Brian Henderson


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