Break the Rules? Shouldn’t Be a Problem if it’s ‘Cause of a Legal Gun!

Posted: August 12, 2013 in guns
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I’m fascinated by stories that read as, “Rules shouldn’t have to apply to me even though they do to everyone else.” I don’t care if the rules are right or wrong in this case — it’s the sense of righteous indignation people have when rules are there that everyone else follows but they should get a free pass.

To me, that’s the theme of the WND story by Chelsea Schilling entitled, “Store Owner Pulls Gun on Thieves, May Lose Lease.”

The basic story as I’ve been able to reconstruct is that a guy who owns a cookie shop in a mall was robbed by three guys of $45 from his cash register. He then chased the guys – after they were fleeing – with his 9mm gun and fired three “warning shots.” Because the mall has a no guns policy, and because he clearly had the gun there and fired it on mall property, he may either be evicted or not have his lease removed. Makes sense to me. As the judges say on the afternoon TV shows I download, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” Or maybe that was my parents.

However, the WND article has over 650 comments after being up for two days. You can probably guess what the popular comments are like. If you can’t, here’s the top one with 52 up-votes and 0 down, by “Larry Currid”: “What a country. Defend yourself and be prosecuted by the liberals and progressives.”


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