Darwinian Evolution, Like, Totally Debunked by Ray Comfort

Posted: August 12, 2013 in religion, science
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In WND’s “Education” section under a column entitled “EVOLUTION WATCH,” WND reporter Bob Unruh writes the article, “Darwin Debunked at Hollywood High.” Unruh hits the ground running:

Documentaries, especially those quoting renowned scientists talking about their specialties, often are dull. So how is this “Evolution vs. God” project by Christian evangelist Ray Comfort raising so much ruckus?

Perhaps it’s because the evolutionary experts themselves are unable to provide scientific evidence to support the theory to which they have devoted their lives.

However, he is up-front with what those damn atheists think – one of the most common creationist tactics is the quote mine, where you pick out bits and pieces that appear to support your argument but, in context, tend to blast your argument to pieces.

The push and shove has gotten to the point that American Atheists Inc tweeted to its 31,000 followers that Comfort should release unedited footage of interviews he conducted with four evolutionary scientists.

In the film, “Evolution vs. God,” the scientists are unable to offer any observable scientific evidence for Darwinian evolution. The tweet said, “Ray, we challenge you to post the unedited interviews of the scientists – We’ll help promote them if you do.”

The actual point of the article reads like a press release that was written by Ray Comfort or his producers. The headline comes from this: “Comfort’s ministry said that on Aug. 13, students entering Hollywood High will be given the DVD. … Comfort said his goal is to distribute a million “Evolution vs. God” DVDs, especially to students in learning institutions around the world.”

There’s no real point going through the nearly 300 comments (as of now, 2 days after the article was posted). What I will do is link you to Jerry Coyne’s blog where he has a decent break-down of the movie.

Update (August 26, 2013): WND keeps the propaganda going with another “article” (reads like an ad) for the movie, “Watch Evolutionists Stumble Over Theory’s ‘Proof.’

Update (August 27, 2013): Jerry Coyne published a link to another video eviscerating Ray Comfort’s new DVD.

  1. agnophilo says:

    I am reminded of the ACORN child prostitution “scandal”. When I heard about it (someone going in to ACORN to get their taxes done and coming out with a child brothel instead) my brain simply couldn’t accept that something like that could possibly be true, that’s like going into kinko’s to make a few copies and coming out with a drug cartel. So I googled it and found the videos, which seemed weird and creepy and heavily edited. So I googled for about an hour and found the website of the guy who produced them with the unedited transcripts posted on his website which showed that the whole thing was bullshit. I emailed a major news outlet and it took them about a month to clue into the fact that it was BS, by which time ACORN (whose sole purpose is to help poor people and minorities) had been de-funded and destroyed by republicans in congress. It took me ten seconds of common sense and an hour on google to figure out what it took the news media months to figure out.

  2. flip says:

    Because this trick did so well when they used it on handing out copies of Darwin’s work…

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