I Thought WND Was All About Civil Liberties

Posted: August 12, 2013 in legal / law
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This is an odd one. Major news on Monday was that Judge Shira Scheindlin ruled that New York City’s “Stop and Frisk” policy is unconstitutional, mainly violating the 4th Amendment against unreasonable search and seizure. Obviously, I expected WND to be declaring this a major win since they are incredibly conservative and so would want to point out government over-reach.

So far, they haven’t even written their own story, instead printing three paragraphs of the Washington Times piece (I linked to the NY Times), and after 13 hours, it only has 26 comments. Heck — the Tim Tebow piece I just wrote has over eight times that many comments in two-thirds the time.

A few of the commenters are saying that Bloomberg should be frisked. Repeatedly. But “DvoraChesed” with the second-highest comment writes, “Brilliant. Now watch NYC violent crimes skyrocket.”

Meanwhile, “Bert” posts some weird comment and sounds like he should be psychiatrically evaluated: “This judge sounds like another liberal Jewish elitist of the kind that have infiltrated our government. Recall the infamous Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Elana Kagan as examples. My being a Jew of faith enables me to readily identify these Jewish atheists who have long ago ‘sold their birthright for a bowl of lentils’ as in the biblical story of Esau. These people betray both the United States and the Jewish people and need to be recognized for the great danger they pose.” His comment has only 3 up-votes and 4 down-votes. It ties for the number of up-votes of the highest top-level comment, though.

As does “johnj1952” though his has 5 down-votes: “Looks like this judge lives in a world without fear or knowledge of the real world. Protected from those that cause mayhem and never walking the streets unless with a body guard. How about looking at the news or reading a paper and seeing just how many law-abiding citizen are robbed, raped or worse everyday by those that carry, knifes, guns, or just about anything that can be hidden under their clothes. Frisking is done at airports everyday 24/7 and no outrage. Someone that does not look right that could be a threat should be searched and to heck with his or her feeling profiled, the safety of the rest of us is why its done.”

Usually, WND is very predictable. Occasionally, not so much.


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