Obama Takes Too Much Vacation! (Don’t Ask About George W., Though)

Posted: August 12, 2013 in politics
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Chuck Norris, well known for his scholastic achievements and poignant opinions, has penned (typed?) a piece, “Presidential Vacation: Naughty or Necessity?” In this case, my sarcasm is actually unwarranted. Norris himself, in the article, points out the following:

When we conservatives are decrying deadbeat dads and our culture’s demise because of absentee fathers, maybe it’s time we commend even our most ardent opponent whey they get it right with their kids. When people all around us are stressed out and suffering burnout from over-commitment and overtime on the job, maybe it’s time we commend those who fight to balance their personal lives and win a single battle over the tyranny of the urgent.

In other words, he’s pointing out that while conservatives in general are mocking President Obama for taking a vacation (meanwhile, the entire Congress is taking a month-long vacation), this is actually a good and reasonable thing to do. It’s the commenters who don’t.

“jsteven” writes:

Look at the Presidential appointment calendar for the past few months. Other than trips for vacations, and fund raising speeches no President in recent history has had such a blank slate chock full of free time. Vacations are necessary to de-stress after long, hard schedules, but are not necessary for Presidents who are basically free for 75% of the weeks work schedule.

“eternalgreenknight” claims “It’s just that he ALWAYS is on vacation or partying away our tax dollars, at least when he’s not busy trampling on our rights and giving speeches full of lies.”

Perhaps they should take a look back at the 42nd President: George W. Bush. According to Boston.com, Obama has taken 14 vacation trips and 92 vacation days (all or partial since he has been in office. Meanwhile, George W. Bush, by this point in his presidency, had taken 57 trips (50 visits to his Texas ranch, 7 trips to his family’s compound in Maine) and spent 349 days (all or part) vacationing (323 days on the ranch, and 26 days in Maine).


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