RESPECT, WND Tells You What it Should Mean to Me

Posted: August 13, 2013 in religion
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World Net Daily is a bastion of tolerance and just general mutual respect and getting-along’ed-ness. Hence, a post to a Vatican Radio story, headlined as “Pope Urges Respect Between Christians, Muslims,” of course generated over 450 comments of agree-ance within the last two days.

That’s why I found it amazing that — admittedly, just a few 440 of the 450 — comments were negative. For example, we have “MATNC” who wrote:

I find this to be offensive as a Catholic. I don’t see Christians killing muslims in the middle east. I don’t see Christians killing their imans. I would just like to know what is his message. I find it almost insulting that he said this.Especially in light of the fact they just killed a priest in Syria. Their burning Coptic churches in Egypt. Their raping and killing young Christian girls in the middle east. Christians are doing none of these things so I find this to be wrong. He should have asked the muslims to refrain from their behavior and NOT lecture Christians.

I don’t remember the Catholics doing anything bad in history, of course. I mean, the Vatican’s ban on a simple thing like condoms that are around 85% effective at preventing the spread of HIV is just a gift to the world.

The second-highest rated comment (that was the top) is by “Patti_Mi” who wrote this:

So Christians are supposed to “respect” Muslims? Is he serious? How can I have respect for someone who worships a phony god and is willing to kill anyone who won’t worship this phony god or his false prophet. Do you think they respect me and my God, Jesus Christ?

This pope is showing his true colors pretty early in his pontificate. He won’t condemn homosexuality and he thinks we should respect the people of the phony religion of Islam and their phony god. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

Ah, another example of True Christian Love™.


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