May the Birther Movement Live On (in Two Articles)

Posted: August 15, 2013 in conspiracy, legal / law, politics
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WND’s Bob Unruh writes, “Trump to ABC News: You Tell Me About Eligibility while WND also posts a link to The Hill with the headline, “Rand Paul: ‘I’m Not a Birther.’

To very quickly recap for those living under a rock the last 6-7 years, President Obama was born in Hawai’i. Some people who don’t like him, such as “Birther in Cheif” Jerome Corsi, claim that he was actually born in Kenya, therefore ineligible to be President (the US Constitution states that the President must be a “natural born citizen” but it does not define what that means). Meanwhile, Obama is in his second term and every single court challenge (and there have been many of them) questioning his eligibility has been rejected. Yet, WND keeps the hope alive among its readers. And it and its writers are pretty much the only people keeping it alive.

The latter article refers to what Rand Paul – viewed by many to be a serious contender for the 2016 Presidency, or at least Republican nomination – stated with respect to a question about Sen. Ted Cruz (also viewed by many to be a contender for the Republican nomination). Cruz was born in Canada to a US citizen mother and Cuban-born father. Rand Paul – quite wisely in my opinion – stated the following:

“You won’t find me questioning his eligibility. I decided a long time ago I wasn’t going to be a birther for Democrats. I’m not a birther for Republicans. … I’m just staying out of that one.”

Sixty-four comments have been posted in 19 hours deriding him. “debtom” with 11 up-votes and 0 down is the current highest, and basically summarizes the thoughts of the WND masses: “you’re not a birther and you are pro immigration so that means you are NOT a candidate for prez either!” Most down-votes are to people pointing out that the law is grey on this issue.

Meanwhile, Unruh’s article is like many on WND that spends about 1/3 of the time discussing the actual story at hand and the remaining 2/3 with background from their own “reporting.” The new news is that Donald Trump – another major birther – seems to be backing off his ferocious pursuit of the issue, an issue that even his children begged him to leave alone during his brief presidential bid in 2011(? … 2012?).

The balance is spent going over their “evidence” that President Obama’s birth certificate is fake, including a few arguments from authority, one of which is WND’s favorite Sheriff (and everyone else’s least favorite) Joe Arpaio, a guy who convened a “Cold Case Posse” a few years ago to get some people they could label as experts to say the birth certificate is fake. I could easily blow half their “analysis” away in a few minutes based on what I know of image analysis, but that’s not the purpose of this blog post. In its stead, I’ll simply link to the Snopes take-down of it. This site is another one that debunks a bunch of citizenship claims.

The Unruh article has 100 comments as of the time of this writing, all of them now turning on Trump.


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