Womenfolk Should Be Cooking and Cleaning, Not in the Infantry

Posted: August 15, 2013 in military, sexism
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F Michael Maloof is taking a break from warning us about EMPs and how we’re all going to die. Yesterday, he penned the misogynistic article, “Women Could Be Forced into Infantry.” God forbid!

Disclaimer: I know nothing about how the US military actually works in terms of forcing one person or another into certain roles. With that in mind …

Maloof points out the “issue” in his first paragraph:

Military officers increasingly are concerned that few, if any, women will join the infantry voluntarily, because they can’t meet the strict physical standards, but they will be pushed into it against their will if they fail to become a specialist and are left with no other options, according to report from Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

The jist of the argument (and remember, Joseph Farah is WND’s founder) is that women are weak and can’t pass the physical standards set (for men), ergo unless they take on some specialty role, the military will have to lower their standards and then force women into the infantry.

Let’s say he’s correct: That means women should work harder in order to achieve the fitness requirements, and/or, the military should adapt such that people who don’t meet the most stringent standards can have other roles. Or something like that.

Let’s consider the source and say he’s wrong: This is a clear example of drumming up fear to oppose gender equality in the military and infantry in particular, after a hard-won victory just a few years ago that allowed women to actually serve in all areas that men can, which also finally allows them the same opportunities for career advancement as men. Remember that WND is made mostly of people who want the women to work at home while the man does manly things outside the home — in other words, the title of this blog post.

One need look no further than the top-rated comments. “Black Racism” (lovely name) has the second-highest rated comment with: “Women LOVE equal pay, not equal work (92.3% of all workplace deaths are of men while women pretend they do equal work). US Dept of Labor stats” Um … huh? Please link to your source.

Many of the comments are mocking the feminism that led to this, such as “Ruler4You”: “They want the “benefits” of being in combat on the ‘front lines’. They should be FORCED into the infantry. You want the accoutrements, the ‘promotions’, the ‘career’ advancement you pay the SAME price. No discounts. No coupons. No crap. Do the job, get the results you ‘covet’. No excuses.”

And others are of course bringing this back to President Obama and mocking his “communistic” goals, as exemplified by “stlousix”: “This is all part of Comrade Obama’s attempt to weaken a military that he despises rendering it incapable of defending a country that he despises!”

  1. flip says:

    “92.3% of all workplace deaths are of men while women pretend they do equal work”

    Even if true, that just means that men are more stupid and more prone to workplace accidents or ignoring safety standards 😉

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