Maloof Reminds Us Weekly of EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse) “Threat”

Posted: August 22, 2013 in science
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Another week, another article by F. Michael Maloof. Six days ago (from today) it was, “White House Report Ignores Life-or-Death Threat.” Three days ago it was, “States Ignore Feds, Ramp Up EMP Fight.”

The first one is yet another, “But this could happen and it would be bad!!!” The second is that while the US Congress does nothing, some states are apparently trying to pass legislation forcing the power companies to harden their parts of the grid against large electromagnetic fluxes.

I’m actually for that. Businesses will do what’s in their best interest: Make lots of money for the least amount of money. I’ve been fighting with Comcast for the last three weeks to cancel my service, so I’m well aware of utility companies being asinine and do-nothing. And, the country’s power grid is fairly weak, where the American Society of Civil Engineers gave it a D+ in 2009.

Yet, very little about what Maloof writes is new. The vast majority is repeated from earlier articles, and it’s just mostly fear. Perhaps he has the same mentality of many others: An easy way to control the masses is through fear. Weekly articles about this seem like a way to do that, though the WND comments seem to hover around 20 to each one, so not many seem to care.


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