God Told (Ex-)Pope Benedict XVI to Quit

Posted: August 25, 2013 in religion
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I honestly don’t have much to say on this one, but it made the news on Thursday-ish, so I figured I should. Ex-Pope Benedict XVI claims that “God” told him to resign earlier this year. To quote Joe Kovacs’ article, “‘Mystical’: Pope Says ‘God Told Me’ to Quit:”

Former Pope Benedict XVI is now going public with more information about why he left the most powerful position in the Catholic Church, claiming he had a “mystical experience,” with God personally instructing him to step down.

“God told me to do it,” the 86-year-old ex-pontiff told a friend, as he broke his silence for the first time since becoming the first pope to leave office in 600 years.

The first half of the article reports on the very few known facts surrounding the remarks, while the last half focuses on the whole “Last Pope” “prophecy” that I discussed in this post.

Sharon Hill over at Doubtful News also has her own take on this.

It might be worth noting that, originally, ex-Pápa Benedict claimed that he was too old and that a younger Pope needed to come in to carry on. This contradicts that, raising an interesting issue of papal infallibility and/or the morality of lying or at least not telling the whole truth. A WND commenter who pointed that out, “marconi314,” got 11 up-votes but 4 down.

Many of the 1296 comments (as of now) are discussing Bible verses and various other things … not really that interesting. As I said, this isn’t really a great example of interesting WND stuff, but it was so much “out there” in the media late last week that I felt remiss if I didn’t point out WND’s take on it.


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