Quadruplet of Climate Change Articles

Posted: August 25, 2013 in climate change, conspiracy, science
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Yes, I’m behind. I sometimes go through phases of, “I have zero desire to do anything, I’m going to sit here and eat bon bons and watch soap operas all day.” Well, not quite that, but you get the idea.

Anyway, early last week, there was a leak about a new UN report that was going to conclude with near-certainty that the Earth is indeed, overall, warming and that humans play an active role in that overall warming. Given that WND is a bastion of general science denial and specifically any science that liberals recognize, well, they just had to have some stuff lambasting it.

No less than four articles were posted, but they were all snippets linked to other news sources. I was actually a bit surprised that one of their regulars didn’t write about it, unless I missed it. They include:

In the first one, “FauxScienceSlayer” is listed with the top comment. It starts with this: “Climatology is modern Alchemy, with a series of congenital defects, over-funded by agenda driven zealots and allowed to fester with no interdisciplinary oversight.” And it goes downhill from there. Yes, it gets more crazy.

“jassatt” has the insightful comment, “The UN is a Third World country.” I’m not sure he knows what a “country” is, or perhaps doesn’t know what the UN is.

In the last article, the comments center around globalism and manufactured problems to create manufactured solutions and get the money flowing.

I’m guessing that it’s because the middle two have “Al Gore” in the headline, they have the most (4-5x more) comments than the other two “articles.”

The ironically named “Truth Matters” commented: “It is an extremely vain man who can blame mankind for controlling or causing “weather” or “Climate” changes or believe we are the cause of what is natural in occurrence. Extremely VAIN” Fascinating what the willfully ignorant will say.

Most other comments on the middle two just focus on attacking Al Gore, personally. And, of course the obligatory reference to God (this one from MarilynA, who in part states …): “Gore and all his followers must think they are smarter than God. …”


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