A Single Show of a Single Episode on the Disney Channel Makes WND Cry

Posted: August 26, 2013 in homosexuality
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With no author listed, WND posts the story, “Disney Brings Lesbian Moms to TV.” As I mentioned in the subject line, it’s one episode of one show.

I originally started this blog because there was a paragraph here or there that struck me, or comments here-or-there that were particularly ignorant or other adjectives. In that mentality, I’m just going to discuss a few comments.

“di333” wrote: “We need to call them what they are Sodomites…..
Does anyone want life the way it used to be? Like: leaving your doors and windows unlocked at night and not having to worry. Leaving your children play outside with out worrying. Having a job all of your life. Being able to pray in school. Gas at a lot lower price. Families that stayed together, that had a father and mother. Things closed after 6pm and closed on Sunday’s for worship and family time. I would love to have all of that back. We have really lost our way.”

Wow. Someone lived in a fantasy life of their own Christian making. In the real world, this kind of thing doesn’t exist except in some towns with a population of a few hundred.

“ECwashr” with 45 up and 1 down-vote: “America has become the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah with Lucifer Obama leading the way to hell…”

Perhaps the highest rated comment that demonstrates extreme cognitive dissonance is by “sanman99” with 28 up and 0 down votes: “When Disney started Fruit day in the parks I canceled and will never purchase a season pass again. The do not promote heterosexual day just freak days. And they call us bigots.”

You call Disney’s “Gay Days” “Fruit day” and say you cancelled … err, “canceled” your pass after that. And then you equate “Fruit day” to “freak days.” And you think they’re bigots? Seriously? I mean, you can’t parody this stuff, it’s its own parody.

Others are calling for boycotts. Yeah. A few right-wing nutjobs boycotting Disney … I’m sure that’s gonna hurt.

Edited to Add (February 1, 2014): Disney aired the episode, and WND had a simple short post about it: “Lesbian Couple Debuts on Disney TV Show.” Nothing new to report with respect to commenters’ responses.


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