Georgia City Can No Longer REQUIRE Residents to Own Guns … WND Commenters Lament Fall of Constitution

Posted: August 26, 2013 in conspiracy, guns, legal / law
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Several months ago, Nelson, GA passed an ordinance that would REQUIRE all 1300 residents to own a gun. Clearly unconstitutional to any sane person, it was challenged and the latest is that they had to gut it. Seems open-and-closed, and even WND dispensed with the normal three-paragraph quote and link for a two-sentence quote from the Atlanta Journal Constitution, “Georgia City Agrees to Gut Law Mandating Gun Ownership.”

But apparently, that means the Constitution is being trampled on. Somehow. In some way.

Top-rated comment right now is by “TexasVetgal” with 8 up and 0 down:

We need a resurgence in the teaching of Constitutional rights. A copy of the US Constitution should be given to every student in every state at graduation…. Of course the liberals wouldnt allow this in the ceremony because it mentions god, maybe vets should be outside handing them out, along with an ever growing list of OboZo’s tyrannical and unconstitutional acts.!

The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie down the second with the chains of the Constitution so the second does not become a legalized version of the first. – Thomas Jefferson

Odd … I got a copy of the Constitution in 11th grade when I took AP American History. Also odd, the Constitution does not in any location mention any deity. Yet the claim it does is a frequent (very obvious falsehood) of right-wingers; and ironically, to anyone who has actually read the Constitution and knows that it doesn’t mention “God,” this shows that the very people here demanding that everyone reads it and honor it haven’t read it themselves.

Meanwhile, the second-highest ranked comment (again, somehow, based on Disqus’ algorithm) with 12 up-votes and 0 down-votes is by “Thomas Cruz”: “The Brady Center and other anti gun groups has unarmed more law abiding citizens and made them defenseless against the criminals who don’t obey any laws. They’re just as responsible for every gun related murder as the shooters. Way to go.”

So, if I’m anti-gun (I’m not saying I am or amn’t), a gun-related murder across the country is somehow on my head?

“hdbkrst” with 11 up and 3 down votes writes this confusing paragraph:

My, My….Gotta love how these Liberals get away with changing their words around in order to ‘Legally” bypass the Constitutional Laws and rights of the people in order for their agenda’s to fit into their 5 point communist plan…
They have already violated your rights to privacy and are slowly inching into “Legally” taking your 2nd Amendment right away people.
Next will be your Freedoms of Speech/Expression and by the time they get that, it’s shred the Constitution to bits and pizz on it…
Don’t have a Conceal Carry? Might want to…

God Bless America

Seriously, people. This is not infringing on rights. This is affirming that a city can’t MAKE SOMEONE BUY A GUN. Geesh.


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