How Could You Ban Pro-Heterosexual Counseling?

Posted: August 26, 2013 in homosexuality, legal / law
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Linda Harvey, president of Mission America, for whom Right Wing Watch has nearly 150 articles on describing how LGBT rights oppress parents, anti-discrimination laws create an environment of suspicion and spite, or how gay-inclusive curricula leads to witchcraft and child molestation. World Net Daily chose to publish an article by Linda Harvey entitled, “Christie’s Score: ‘Gay’ Agenda 3, Children 0.” The subtitle is even better: “Exclusive: Linda Harvey chronicles guv’s acquiescence to ‘vicious’ homosexual lobby.”

It’s really only the second paragraph that I want to address here:

Gov. Christie just did their [Garden State Equality] bidding for the third time in affirming anti-child, pro-homosexual actions against minors in New Jersey. He signed A 3371, a bill that bans pro-heterosexual counseling for minor children, alleging that “experts” have made a valid case for keeping some adolescents locked into homosexuality. Any alternative advice is sure to send an adolescent on a course of self-destruction, so the narrative goes.

With the amount of spin there, it’s amazing that she hasn’t separated into a well-stratified mass of goo.

What she’s talking about is that Gov. Christie signed into law a bill (now law) that outlaws reparative therapy. Reparative therapy is incredibly harmful, and many people are pushed or forced into it by even some well-meaning family and friends. After all, it has the word “therapy” in it, so it must be okay, right?

So let’s pick apart her first sentence: “anti-child.” No. No where in that bill does it say something like, “it is now legal to eat persons under the age of 18.”

“Pro-homosexual actions.” No. It’s anti-anti-homosexual actions. In this case, a double-negative does not make a positive.

“Bans pro-heterosexual counseling.” Sorta. Reparative therapy is, as I said, mostly anti-anti-homosexual. It then creates the dichotomy that the only thing you should be is heterosexual, so in a way this is “banning pro-heterosexual counseling,” but only this form. Gender Identity Disorder was at least still a thing in the DSM IV (I haven’t checked V), classified as when a person’s gender identity actually causes them psychological harm or grief. Going to a legitimate therapist for such an issue would be fine under this law.

“Alleging that ‘experts’ have made a valid case.” Yes. Make that the entire (well, ~99%+) body of psychologists.

“Keeping some adolescents locked into homosexuality.” No. It’s an amazing thing that the right-wingers simply must continue to believe, because if they don’t, then everything comes crashing down: Sexuality, to them, must be fluid. These guys and gals must have made a choice to be gay. Ergo, we can train ’em to make a different choice. Straight guys: When did you wake up and decide that you like the vagina? Straight girls: When did you wake up and decide that you like dick? Gay guys: When did you wake up and decide that your life would be so much better if you liked to suck cocks? Gay girls: When did you wake up and decide that your life would be so much better if you liked to have fun with another woman’s va-jay-jay?

And with that, I’m done here. Linda Harvey is a bigot and a horrible human being.

Edited to Add (November 6, 2013): Bob Unruh gleefully writes about Chris Christie being sued by parents who want to foist reparative “therapy” onto their gay son in the article, “Chris Christie Sued for Meddling in Therapy.”

Edited to Add (November 8, 2013): The petition was DENIED. Since I’m pretty sure WND wil not report on this news (since it’s bad for them), I’m posting a link to the JMG blog post about it.

Edited to Add (January 24, 2014): Bob Unruh updates WND readers, making no mention of the November dismissal of a summary judgement, but rather just saying (among a bunch of other drivel) that the case is now “in the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.” Story is “Judges Asked to Stop Christie’s Meddling in Therapy.”


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