WND Angry that New Mexico County Clerk Not Violating Law

Posted: August 26, 2013 in homosexuality, legal / law
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This story made the rounds late last week and is continuing this week: There appears to be nothing in New Mexico state law and nothing in the New Mexico state constitution that prohibits marriage licenses from being issued to couples of the same gender. This all started in Dona Ana country, and WND chose to post a link to the article from Christian Post that they entitled, “County Clerk Issues ‘Gay’-Marriage Licenses on His Own.”

I love how they prejudice the story starting with the title itself: “on his own” implying that he has no authority or authorization to do so. Which he does. In fact, a judge ruled that another county clerk in New Mexico had to start issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples unless he could come up with a legal reason not to. He couldn’t so he started to issue them, too.

What does a good, solid, right-wing ultra-crazy religious Christian WND commenter do when confronted by this? Quote the Bible, of course, and lament the fall of America, and say that the county clerk should be fired and is “probably a lesbo and a wacko.”

  1. eyeonicr says:

    That’s strange, in that it’s kind of the opposite of what happened here in NZ: while there was similarly no law against it, the courts intepreted it as implicit hence the requirement for a “definition of marriage” act to overturn that decision.

    Also, I had to check that the “probably a lesbo and a wacko” line was from a comment and not the article itself – the dividing line is blurred at times.

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