Taxing Little League and the Boy Scouts Is Taxing to WND Readers

Posted: August 27, 2013 in politics, taxes
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A Washington Times article is linked that WND has headlined, “Little League Baseball, Boy Scouts to be Taxed?” The article refers to Senate Bill 323 in the California legislature (already through the Assembly committee). The first paragraph summarizes why it will set off the World Net Daily readership:

A California bill that could strip tax-exempt status from Little League, the Boy Scouts of America and other “discriminatory” nonprofit youth-serving groups could come up for a final vote this week.

Obviously I have a strong opinion about this: If you discriminate, you should not get tax breaks – effectively meaning that the public at large supports you through higher taxes that they have to pay to make up for the revenue you don’t generate for the state. I do not want to subsidize groups that discriminate.

“kingdad” is tied for the top post with 5 up and 0 down at the moment with this fun diatribe: “The Californicate Legislature is full of criminals, deviants, perverts and Liberal Democrats. Oops I reiterated on that last one. The USSC clearly stated that the BSA did not discriminate and had a right to be selective in their membership just as every other group does. But the Californicaters don’t seem to understand the Law just like the Ch-mp In Charge in the WH.”

As I said, wasn’t that fun? No, the “USSC” (United States Supreme Court) did NOT say that the Boy Scouts don’t discriminate, they said that they did discriminate but that as a private group, they’re allowed. This is not a subtle misunderstanding, “kingdad.” And, to then follow this out, as a private group, I don’t think they should be getting public support through not paying taxes and not paying for many facilities they use. And yes, I would be saying this regardless of their discrimination policies.

Another top-rated tie post is from “StampOutLiberalism” (fun name!) who wrote, “If this passes, aren’t the legislators discriminating against the BSA and the Little League? Whatever happened to the right of free association.” No, they would NOT be discriminating, they would be un-discriminating against every other private group. And you can freely associate with whomever you want. And when you use a meeting space that normally charges, pay for it!

I really don’t understand why this is a hard concept. Aren’t the right-wingers usually complaining that it’s the liberals who want stuff for free? Isn’t this the BSA getting stuff for free that others can’t?

Edited to Add (September 20, 2013): Apparently, the bill is on hold until next year while the sponsor seeks more support.


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