Colleges Open Minds, World Net Daily Commenters Are Scared and Oppressed

Posted: August 30, 2013 in homosexuality, psychology
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I went to a fairly good university for my undergraduate degree. A general education requirement involved several humanities courses, and I took psychology for a few of those credits. My class was not one of them, but many others who took introductory psychology had an assignment that for a day or a week or something like that, they had to handicap themselves in some way, and then they had to write about that experience for a homework assignment.

Some students put earplugs in. Made it a bit difficult to do homework together. Others put rocks in their shoes. The daring wore blindfolds. I had one friend who put tape around all the fingers of one hand, effectively making it so she could only use one hand.

The assignment is a classic, and it opens a lot of eyes to how persons with disabilities have to cope to function in modern society.

A version of that assignment that I did not have and that I don’t think any of my friends had was to, instead of creating a handicap, make yourself a minority. Obviously it might be hard to do that and not be offensive. [start being obviously offensive]You could go out in black face and an afro wig. Or tape your eyes up and drive a car poorly. Or talk with a hick accent.[/end being obviously offensive]

It’s the same basic idea, but with a twist. That twist was apparently done by Dr. Linda Brunton at Columbia State Community College. She had her students wear gay pride ribbons.

That’s the subject of the link to the Columbia Daily Herald that WND has entitled, “Teacher Cleared in Gay-Rights Inquiry.” With that background, and that title, I think you get the idea of what the article is about. It was also extra credit, by the way. But of course, the particular article that WND links to doesn’t mention that, and those commenters who do, are down-voted.

And, predictably, World Net Daily commenters are, well, let’s just say “unpleased.”

From “bluevanda,” we have this: “Yes, the public university systems have become cesspools of stupidity right along with the K-12 government school system.”

Many of the comments emphasize the huge and obvious War on Christians in our country (uh huh). Take, for example, “Reason2012″‘s post: “There’s a much better test of prejudice: have students hand out tracts about Jesus and then report back on the hatred and prejudice they received, especially from professing homosexuals, now that we know such things will “not infringe on students’ First Ammendment rights”.”

Finally (for this blog, anyway), we have the very enlightened post by the appropriately hillbilly name “Jimbob” who writes: “Take the ribbon, throw it on the floor and stomp on it.” Something tells me that might have been the Professor’s entire point – how would he feel if his identity, something he was born with and can’t change, were stomped on by some bigoted, ignorant hick? Might open some eyes.

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