World Net Daily Thinks that the IRS Recognition of Legal Contracts Is Wrong

Posted: August 30, 2013 in homosexuality, legal / law, taxes
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I guess when you put it that way, WND’s position seems stupid. Well, it probably would seem stupid to most people, but I like the way I put it.

This is a story snippet from NBC News that WND has titled, “IRS to Recognize ‘Gay’ Marriages Across U.S.” Yup, there’s that nice “scare quotes” around The “Gay” so that even their grammar makes it clear they hate The Gay.

The subject of the article is really summarized by that headline, and this week has seen a string of wins for homosexual equality: Wal*Mart (nation’s largest retailer) extending benefits to same-sex couples, announcement that Justice Ginsburg becoming the first Supreme Court Justice to officiate over a same-sex wedding, New Mexico county clerks issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, and this: The IRS announcing that, for purposes of filing taxes, same-sex couples who were legally married can file jointly as “Married” regardless of whether or not they live in a state that recognizes that union.

I’m fairly sure that this is in direct response to the Supreme Court striking down major parts of the “Defense of Marriage Act” (DOMA) several months ago. DOMA made it so that the federal government could not recognize any same-sex marriage regardless of its legality to any state. The striking means that they now have to. Ergo, makes sense that the IRS, a branch of the US federal government that now has to recognize same-sex marriages, will – gasp! – recognize same-sex marriages for tax-filing purposes.

WND commenters are none-too-pleased.

“stlouisix” has an interesting li’l non sequitur rant:

Flouting the just laws of States who recognize the importance of The Declaration of Independence’s premium on obedience to the “laws of nature and of nature’s God” for the sake of the common good, READ America’s survival, is par for the course for a diabolic Administration headed by a disciple of the devil who wants company in hell!

People of faith and right reason owe Obama and his IRS Gestapo nothing in that regard, per their constitutional freedom of religion rights to oppose that which the moral teaching of their faith summarily condemns!

Here are the priorities for the Obamunists: 1) baby killing from conception to post birth given Obama’s non support of a Born Alive Infant Protection Act as a dead baby promised to his Planned Barrenhood constituency must be a dead baby delivered, 2) the acceptance of sexual perversion as normal, the invariant teaching of the natural law against this moral atrocity, which, per Genesis 18 and 19, is a grave sin crying out to Heaven for vengeance, be damned, and 3) the destruction of our proven efficient American energy system along with the millions of jobs it supports via the lies of the Gore Green Goblins that have been long since abandoned by sane countries not having a death wish for their economies – all under force of unconstitutional unjust law that is owed no obedience whatsoever!

He has the second-highest-rated comment right now with 6 up and 1 down vote. He earned a comment from “richardwayne” who got 1 up and 1 down vote for his trouble: “What do your own personal religious beliefs have to do with the equal civil rights of people who think differently? The 4000 year old Jewish creation myths in Genesis has nothing to do with it.”

Our friend the “UnapologeticConservative” responded even to that (no votes yet) with: “Why do I care what you think? Why would I respect your rights? You mean nothing to me, so I am going to take everything from you. That will make me feel good, therefore it is right. When I look at you, I just see Soylent Green, waiting to be processed.”

Another day, another example of Good Ol’ Chrisian Love™.


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