Heritage Foundation Booted from Conservative Meetings

Posted: September 2, 2013 in Republicans / GOP
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Another double-standard, but one with surprisingly few comments (9). It’s another snippet to another news source, the Daily Caller, with the jist of the article (“Heritage Barred from Conservative Meetings“) being that affiliates of the Heritage Foundation will no longer be allowed to attend the Republican Study Committee weekly meetings (a group made of 172 conservative House members).

First, to be clear, the Heritage Foundation is an ultra-conservative group, very well-funded, and very much an advocate against global climate change and pro-religion in the public sphere. If you feel the need, take a look at RationalWiki’s entry on them. Phil Plait also frequently publishes stories about their latest anti-science work, and they’re even sometimes talked about on The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe. Right up World Net Daily’s deep, dark, dank alley.

Here’s the double-standard: “The group’s [Republican Study Committee’s] weekly meetings for lawmakers aren’t open to outsiders, but Heritage has traditionally been allowed to attend for years.” ‘Cause the former Heritage president, Ed Feulner, helped to found both Heritage and the RSC.

So, closed meetings to all but these guys, now it’s closed to all … seems kinda fair? Right? Top-rated comment by “Snod” summarizes the sentiment of WND commenters: “Looks like someone has something to hide! More RINO actions!”


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