Christians Outraged Rules for Everyone Includes Them in Giant Cross Debate

Posted: September 7, 2013 in legal / law, religion
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I had fun with that title. But it really is a theme among many in the Christian right: I don’t like a rule, therefore God says I shouldn’t have to follow it, therefore you should make an exception for me. ‘Cause I’m special. My imaginary sky friend says I am.

Okay, that last line was gratuitous.

Anyway, the Fox “News” story that WND linked to this time is, “Mississippi Town Objects to Church’s Giant Cross.” I’m going to do a rare thing and actually quote the first three paragraphs, same as WND, so you get the ridiculousness of this:

It’s a battle of Christians versus Christians in Brandon, Miss. where city officials oppose efforts by a prominent church to erect a giant cross because it violates a zoning ordinance. But the pastor of the church said elected officials are also afraid the cross might offend Muslims.

The First Baptist Church of Brandon petitioned the city to install a 110-foot tall cross on its property alongside Interstate 20. The project is sponsored by “Crosses Across America,” a non-profit group that builds giant crosses along the nation’s highways.

“They were led by the Holy Spirit to seek a location in Mississippi,” Pastor Scott Thomas told Fox News. “92,000 cars a day travel along the Interstate 20 corridor. Those are people who need hope, who need inspiration.”

Yeah, so, rule says no giant things, church wants to erect giant pointy thing, that erection would violate the ordinance, they say that’s just an excuse ’cause the town is afraid it’s going to upset the Evil Muslims. At least it’s not Big Gay this time.

The comments – only 11 after two days – are just as kinda crazy. “paraducs” has the highest-rated right now and writes this: “A Christian symbol has no effect on muslims sharpening their swords. They will wage Jihad regardless. Know-it-all “privileged” boys and girls educated by the godless and marxist progressives are the people offended by Christian Symbols.”

“DannoDISQ” replied, “If it was an Allah symbol, those same cross haters would fight for Allah’s right to be looming at 110′, and the ACLU would be right there behind them !” Um, no.

Then, the next comment is reminiscent of (now former) Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s comments on gays (to the effect of, “we don’t have any gays in Iran!”). It was written by “Donald Crow:” “i live in mississippi..close to! never thought i would see this here..theres churches on every street..and muslims? haha what muslims? we dont have hardly any muslims living here..”

Then we have “Shermer,” a rationalist. Five up-votes, two down: “The church doesn’t think it should have to abide by the city’s zoning laws, so it must be the Muslims’ fault. What if it turned out that over 96% of the city population (and every member of the city council) were Christians? That would prove the Muslims were behind it, right?”

I’m guessing the five up-votes are by people who didn’t understand the sarcasm.


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