Oppressing the Christian “Minority” in America with a One-Sided Story

Posted: September 7, 2013 in bat-s**t-crazy, religion
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This comes to WND courtesy of “StudentsForLife” (very obviously a “pro-life” (as in anti-abortion) group) that WND has titled, “Cops Stand By as Vandals Drape Condoms on Crosses.”

It tells the supposedly sad tale that took place at Western Kentucky University where a local group of Students For Life had set up a display of 3700 little crosses meant to symbolize the number of “babies killed” every day through legal abortions in the United States. I put that phrase in quotes because I am of the opinion that to be a “baby,” you must be born first. Until then, you are a fetus, and very very VERY few abortions take place when the fetus is viable outside the womb.

Anyway, back to the story, this display was apparently allowed by WKU’s administration. They were keeping a watchful eye on it because of vandalisms at other schools of similar displays. When, in the dark of the night, they observed another student putting — the horror is just too great! — CONDOMS on the crosses. As part of an art project. That was an “approved” art project. The group called campus police who allegedly did nothing in response because it was an approved art project.

It would be hard for me to believe that this is the whole story and accurately represents all the facts to this story. Very hard. But so far, all I can find on this is what WND posted and the original article on StudentsForLife that they linked to as their source.

Meanwhile, 12 hours after posting, this has only managed to attract 6 comments on WND. The now top one is by “Black Racism” with 7 up-votes and 0 down-votes: “People of faith are the new oppressed minority”

Um. What? Seriously? You’re a minority? You’re oppressed? You think you’re an oppressed minority? Give me a —-ing break.


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