Pamela Geller’s Latest Evidence of Insanity in Her World Net Daily Column

Posted: September 9, 2013 in bat-s**t-crazy, conspiracy
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Pamela Geller.

If you read RightWingWatch, you know that Pamela Geller is up there with the Michelle Bachmanns and Pat Robertsons in terms of crazy. And extremely islamophobic. Since this is the first time I’ve addressed her on this blog, just a sampling of the 62 stories on RWW about her are: Obama is a Muslim (fairly obvious conspiracy for her to buy into); she wasn’t invited to the Conservative Political Action Committee because she’s crazy so the CPAC was “enforcing the Sharia;” since Obama is a Muslim, Jews in America don’t have long before Obama’s gonna kill ’em; and criticizing her is just “the enforcing of the Sharia.” Oh, and she was banned from entering the UK because she’s a hate-filled anti-Muslim bigot who was going to lead a hate rally in July 2013.

I haven’t talked about her yet on this blog because she’s been so crazy it’s, like, “Where do I even start?” But, her latest post, “Senate Votes on Aiding Al-Qaida on Sept. 11,” seemed like as good a place as any. Let’s just look at the first two paragraphs, shall we?

The Senate now plans to vote to authorize Barack Obama to use U.S. military force in Syria on Wednesday. That is, Sept. 11. Surely G-d is a comedian playing to an audience with no sense of humor. The perverse horror.

Someone pinch me. This is a nightmare. Are we so far gone that our elected officials would vote to authorize military action in support of al-Qaida on the 12th anniversary of the day that al-Qaida declared war on America and slaughtered 3,000 of our sisters and brothers? This is the poison fruit of the Obama administration’s Shariah policy of scrubbing all counter terror materials of jihad. How can we expect our elected officials to understand the enemy’s doctrine when there is a national prohibition on such discussion?

Wait — what? Huh? What was that crazy train? So, I think she’s saying this: (1) The Senate is going to vote for military action in Syria (far from a foregone conclusion, in reality). (2) This vote will happen this Wednesday (true, at least that’s when it’s planned). (3) Military action in Syria is supporting al Qaeda (WTF?). (4) This Wednesday happens to be the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks by al Qaeda (true). (5) President Obama’s administration follows Shariah (there’s her conspiracy about Obama). (6) We’re not allowed to talk about Shariah and jihad (and yet she’s talking about it, proving that she’s wrong). I think that’s what she’s saying.

Those are just the first two paragraphs. I don’t need to go any further. If you want, you can sign up at the bottom of her article to receive Pamela Geller commentaries in your e-mail.

The only up-side to this is that, like Joseph Farah’s craziness (and he’s the founder of WND), her columns tend to attract few commenters. Over a day later, only 21 comments, and 7 are back-and-forth commentary between two people about their comments being deleted on WND. So, 14 comments, really.

  1. “The enforcing of the Shariah”…priceless.

    Dey took our jerrrrbs…

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