Blogging to Resume When I Have Power

Posted: September 13, 2013 in Memo to the Reader
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I’m up past Lyons, CO, and we are basically trapped in by a 200-foot-wide moat that used to not be anything. No power for about 30 hours now. Blogging will resume when it does.

By the way, I fully expect some asshole religious nut to say that this 500-year flood is some deity’s divine wrath over something. Colorado’s legalization of same-sex unions, Obama doing whatever, etc. I’m sure one of them will make it on WND. If they do, expect that post to be super-pissy on my part.

  1. Best wishes to you, and hope that you and your family stay safe in the flooding. Here’s hoping your electrical power is restored soon…your blog has become a rather indispensable source of daily humour for me!

  2. Roz says:

    Stay safe! It’s been a couple of days and I hope you and your family are doing well, singing campfire songs enjoying the rugged life of no electrons in your new sea. By the way, when I first read it in my tired state, I thought the last word you typed was “pants”. Made for a humorous bit of confusion.

    • Stuart Robbins says:

      Thanks. Looking unlikely, though looking at alternatives. We’re good here for now, though. And I do my best blogging when I’m not wearing pants.

      • Roz says:

        I’ve begun to wonder what a work-from-home future will hold for fashion and webcams. Lost of waist-high furniture.

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