Colorado Floods, Conspiracy, and the Bible

Posted: September 21, 2013 in conspiracy, religion
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I have to be in the right mindset to write this post considering how close to home (literally, in my home) this story is. Pair of stories, actually: “Leave Now or Be Prepared for Weeks of Hardship” (“Stern warning to residents of flooded Colorado towns”) and “Colorado Floods Unleash Bible Prophecy.” It’s truly disgusting when people use disasters (and, let’s admit it — disasters that affect you directly) for their own gain.

In the first story, published seven days ago (so Sept. 14, Saturday, two days after the floods started), WND linked to Duluth News Tribune for their three paragraphs. It was really just reporting that if we did not go through voluntary evacuations, the National Guard and others had no idea when or if they’d be able to come back and evacuate us if things got worse. Didn’t know when utilities would be restored (estimates were 30+ days). Didn’t know when roads that had literally collapsed into the rivers would be fixed, rebuilt, or rerouted.

Now, to be fair, the top three comment is relatively sane and asks for people to “pray for these people affected by the flooding” — “Sam1427” with 8 up and 0 down votes. But, the next several are conspiracy:

  • rezedent – “… Most will probably give in to the government`s urging instead of remaining in place to guard their home and possessions from predators of the 2 legged variety, especially those wearing the uniforms and the militaristic gestapo like mind set so many in “Law Enforcement” wallow in!”
  • TXduck – “Staying sure beats FEMA camps. I’d stay too. They don’t need no stinking government!”
  • RobinGOOD63 – “And leave your things(especially your guns) open for anyone to take. Probably the police will grab them. Just like after Katrina.”
  • (and a truly despicable one) Herman Vogel – “Like most working class neighborhood these people will stay and not depend on “Others” to do THEIR work FOR them,,,like New Orleans. Odd how that happens in WORKING CLASS neighborhoods unlike Welfare, leach slums,,,huh. AND they recover faster too. REALLY strange…;)”

Okay, that’s about all I can stomach of these. At least there are only 17 comments.

The second article, posted on Sunday September 15, is an ad. Yes. An ad. For their book by Jonathan Cahn entitled, “The Harbinger.” The book is a diatribe of half-truths, some lies, and numerous correlation ≠ causation fallacies that concludes with the idea that “America is following in the defiant footsteps of ancient Israel as recorded in Isaiah 9:10 instead of considering what God was trying to tell the country through the catastrophic events of Sept. 11, 2001” (quoting WND). When Gov. Hickenlooper stated, “We’re going to come back and rebuild better than it was before,” well, that’s apparently what it says in Isaiah 9:10 and what people said after Sept. 11, 2001, etc. etc. and we have our correlation -> causation we’re all in the “last days” and gonna die or whatever.

Unlike the 17 comments to the first article, there’s currently 291 comments on this one. I’m not even going to go into them. It’s just more and more of the same about America turning its back on the Judeo-Christian god and therefore all gonna go to hell or some such thing.

It’s exploiting a tragedy to make money or draw people to your cause and it’s disgusting. With that said, today I have put out Episode 87 of my “Exposing PseudoAstronomy” podcast which is a very different kind of episode where I talk about my experience “on the back lines” watching as conspiracies were made about the flooding and forced relocation and gun confiscation, etc.

  1. Roz says:

    Nice. I’ll give the podcast a listen. Thanks!

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