Forced Out of Business Because of The Gays

Posted: September 21, 2013 in homosexuality, religion
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I have power back, after a bit over a week, I have dozens of WND articles to sift through and that I’ve flagged for posting. I’m going to start with the most recent (last day or so) and then go back to just before I lost power to what was in queue. So, let’s get to it.

First up is a story I first saw on Joe.My.God citing a The Daily Mail article from September 19. It was posted a day later on WND with a link to Sky News under the headline, “‘Gay’ Hotel-Row Couple Have to Sell.”

The jist of the story is quite simple: Super-Christian hotel owners, Hazelmary and Peter Bull, in Marazion, Cornwall (UK), are super-religious. Their welcome desk has the text, “JESUS CHRIST IS LOVE” embedded within it, and two years ago they were fined £3,600 for refusing a room to a gay couple. They claim that ever since then, they’ve been vilified for their religious viewpoints and now, because of declining business because of those views, they have to sell.

Even the Daily Mail points out that reviews of the hotel have called it “unclean and shabby” and that the owners proselytize to the guests. Of course, WND omits that in their snippet, and who really clicks to read all the links? As a result, in only the last 14 hours, we have 12 comments along these lines:

  • Pi10107 – “These two perverts will someday answer for what they have done to these owners and for their own perverted behavior.”
  • nobamunism – “The anti Christian left in action. Disgusting”
  • And a gem from mamzer1trollhunter – “Any consolation Aids will get these two bungholio clowwns. Monogamous homosexual relationship is an oxymoron[.] Got to love these two bug chasers though, they really show the rest of the world how homosexuals truly are. “Homosexuals are their own worst enemies” Mamzer

Edited to Add (September 24, 2013): Longer, related post on this blog is here.

Edited to Add (November 27, 2013): Britain’s Supreme Court ruled against the bed & breakfast owners. And, WND did their own post several hours later, “Christians Told to Pay ‘Gays’ Over B&B Ban.” Predictably, commenters are not happy.


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