Pigs from Space! (Or, Life, Anyway)

Posted: September 21, 2013 in religion, science
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When I saw this story making the news, I figured that it wouldn’t be long before WND did a post on it. Bob Unruh obliged, and five days ago he published an article entitled, “Study Says Life Did Come from Outer Space.” Ahem.

The study has gotten a lot of press. And as with all such studies, it was bound to get blown out of proportion. In this case, some researchers at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab did a study simulating comet impacts into sterile material with NO organic material similar to what Earth’s crust may have been like around 4 billion years ago. After the impact, they found that amino acids had formed. As in, during such an impact, you can get complex molecules forming and these amino acids are the basic building block of proteins necessary for all terrestrial life.

The quotes from the press release and scientists include that the researchers “have confirmed that life really could have come from out of this world.” And, “These results confirm our earlier predictions of impact synthesis of prebiotic material, where the impact itself can yield life-building compounds. Our work provides a realistic additional synthetic production pathway for the components of proteins in our solar system, expanding the inventory of locations where life could potentially originate.”

Notice that those are different from the definitive “Did” in the WND headline. and, in true WND “equal time” fashion, it’s just the first few paragraphs dedicated to the actual study. Much of the rest is from Ray Comfort and his new film that I talked about in this earlier post. Also quotes by Eric Hovind, a young, handsome youth who picked up his father’s (Kent Hovind) ministry after his father was indicted and in federal prison on tax evasion charges (he didn’t work in the US, he worked in God’s country where there are no federal taxes!).

Also in true WND fashion, we have commenters talking about “God laughing” (“pnordman”), intelligent causes, quoting from the Bible, and of course gross misunderstandings of science. For the latter point, “bailintheboat” has the second-highest-rated comment of 124 right now with 10 up-votes and 0 down-votes. They wrote:

If they had fired projectiles at 7.1 kilometers per second into anything living it would be dead. Great experiment.
How long do amino acids survive in molten rock? Oops, I forget.
Are the amino acids destroyed as fast as they are produced?

So, this person didn’t understand what they did (projectiles at inorganic matter) and didn’t read the article or paper (amino acids found after everything settled down). Typical.


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