Surprising WND Articles with No Comments, Part 4: Spreading Measles

Posted: September 21, 2013 in medicine, religion
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Nearly ten days ago, WND put up a link to a Think Progress article titled, “How Right-Wing Christians Give Measles Chance to Spread.” This was an interesting story that I saw in a lot of places. Basically, a mega-church in Texas had a pastor who was anti-vaccination. So, when one church member got measles – a highly preventable disease through vaccination – it spread throughout 21 people in the church.

Ten days later, there is no comment on this article from WND readers. I’m somewhat surprised. I would have thought that an obvious blame on Christians, a common right-wing anti-science claim, and this being a church, would have led at least some people to try to stand up for themselves. But, it didn’t.


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